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How to Bring Change In A Society or Organization



For those who aspire to be leaders, this article reveals how you can bring change to a certain society or organization. Many leaders have been rejected when they try to bring change in companies/societies because they don’t possess this valuable knowledge effective leaders possess.

Effective leaders know that the first step to bringing change in a company/society is to show people that you like their current way of life, and the second step is to gradually add changes to this way of life. Therefore, if you are given a new leadership position in a new company, you must not eliminate all the firm’s rules and regulations and immediately put your rules. The company’s staff will hate you if you do this because people hate abrupt changes.

Instead, when given a leadership position, you must first show people that you love their way of life and the rules that govern them. This shows appreciation and makes them like you. Then, after this people have adopted a positive attitude towards you, you inform them that you don’t want to change their rules, but you want to improve them by incorporating new rules in their rules. You also involve them in making these improvements.

This method never fails. If you aspire to bring change to a certain family, village, or business setting, use it knowing that it will never fail you. It works because it shows the high level of respect you have for other people’s way of life.


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