How Continuously Dwelling On Negative Emotions Might Prevent You From Getting Promoted.

How Continuously Dwelling On Negative Emotions Might Prevent You From Getting Promoted.

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Negative emotions work as a sort of warning system. For this reason, we must not push them away. Nevertheless, we are not supposed to succumb to them. Dwelling on negative emotions has negative effects, especially at the workplace.

When you succumb to negative emotions, your outer world will reflect them. What is in the inside will eventually show up on the outside. If you often succumb to negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, sadness, and hate, your boss will detect these emotions, and trust me, he won’t see you as an effective leader.

Companies often promote to leadership positions, those who can work with a team, inspire their subordinates, and make effective decisions. They know that a person full of hate, fear, or worry, cannot do such things.

Assume that you are the owner of a huge company, and you want it to be profitable. Will you risk giving the managerial position to a sad, angry, and fearful employee? I believe you won’t because you’ll need a team player, or an enthusiastic and confident person, who can direct and work with his subordinates. You’ll never risk giving such a demanding position to an employee who always succumbs to negative emotions, no matter how hard he or she works.

Sometimes we wonder why we missed out on a promotion despite our hard work, experience, and academic qualifications. It’s because we display emotions that show our seniors that we are unsuitable for a leadership position.

Therefore, don’t bring your personal issues to your workplace. The boss doesn’t care if your spouse cheated on you. He doesn’t care if your dog, goldfish, or lizard died. He only cares about his profits and those who have the ability to increase them.

Add enthusiasm, joyfulness, vigor, and passion to your hard work, years of experience, and academic qualifications, and the boss will not fail you. Assume you also own the company, be happy while working, and don’t let your personal issues get in the way of climbing the corporate ladder.

Lastly, assume you are an employer and be the employee that you would love to promote.


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