Detachment: The Secret to Enjoying the Journey While Pursuing Your Dreams

Detachment: The Secret to Enjoying the Journey While Pursuing Your Dreams

Last Updated on October 28, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment.’ – Erich Fromm

It’s fun to chase dreams in the early stages of dream chasing. However, dream-chasing becomes frustrating when we fail to realize our dreams despite chasing them for a long period. This frustration makes dream-chasing a depressing and boring journey, and it encourages people to give up. Frustration occurs because we attach ourselves to the outcome of achieving our dreams, which mainly involves financial success, fame, and glory.

We usually attach ourselves to the outcome when we believe that we’ll only enjoy life and become worthy individuals when we realize our dreams. This attachment results in impatience, stress, tension, worry, fear, and anger when our dreams seem far away despite working hard. 

It’s easier for our dreams to fail if we have such feelings because they prevent us from focusing on the factors that will enable us to realize our dreams.

For this reason, we need to embrace the law of detachment to avoid negative feelings and increase the chances of achieving our dreams. We embrace this law by releasing our attachment to the outcome. Thus, we focus on building our dreams, but relinquish our obsession with the outcome. We also embrace detachment by realizing that we have limited control of the outcome and by affirming that we’ll still be happy and worthy individuals even if we fail to achieve our dreams.

Detachment makes dream chasing a wonderful experience because it results in a positive perception of obstacles and eradicates feelings of self-pity and the fear of failure, which usually arise when we are attached to the outcome. Besides this, it releases us from the pressure to succeed because it shifts our focus from the future to the present moment.

Detachment does not require us to give up intention and desire. Instead, it demands us to maintain these factors, but release our attachment to the outcome. Try embracing the law of detachment, and you’ll realize that dream chasing is an adventurous journey that molds our character and increases our chances of becoming the best versions of ourselves. Mainly, embrace detachment because you’ll chase your dreams happily and peacefully since it eradicates the negative feelings that accompany attachment to the outcome.


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