Five reasons why modern marriage is failing

Five Reasons Why Modern Marriage is failing

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Marriage has failed. Divorce rates worldwide have increased in the last 30 years, and social experts predict that more than 50% of current marriages will end in divorce.

After studying broken marriages and meditating on the social problems of modern society, I realized that modern marriages are failing due to the following reasons.

Conflicting expectations

Most men expect women to be submissive. They still uphold the traditional belief that women are submissive beings designed for domestic chores. However, modern women prefer white-collar jobs to domestic chores. Besides, feminism has encouraged women to demand equal power in marriage. Women want to influence their marriages towards their goals and interests.  

Such conflicting expectations have made marriages stressful, encouraging people to prefer being single.

People have several sexual experiences before marriage

Today, many people have 5 to 10 sexual partners before getting married. The experience with several sex partners leads to less happy marriages, which lead to divorce. In the article, Fewer Sex Partners Means a Happier Marriage, the author believes having many partners before marriage leads to a less satisfying relationship by allowing spouses to have many relationships to compare their current one to.

I think having several sexual partners before marriage leads to divorce by encouraging adultery. People who had several sexual partners before marriage can never attain total sexual satisfaction in a monogamous marriage because their bodies desire different sexual experiences.

Ancient marriages lasted because people broke their virginity in marriage. The lack of sexual experience with many individuals – before marriage – made it easier for couples to attain sexual satisfaction with few partners.

Divorce is easier today

Several countries have introduced legislation that makes divorce easier. For this reason, people divorce for silly reasons. Divorce was rare in ancient societies because it was accompanied by humiliation. Divorcees were perceived as failures.

Furthermore, couples had to provide good reasons for divorce: witchcraft and infertility were the best reasons. Some ancient cultures made divorce impossible by banning it.

Lack of community support

In ancient societies, community members helped married couples overcome their problems. For instance, they supported men who could not provide for their families due to an injury or illness. Community members also advised married couples on solving relationship issues such as lack of trust, laziness, and sexual dissatisfaction.

In modern society, people seldom care about other people’s marriage problems. These problems overwhelm couples who eventually decide to divorce.

The increasing desire for financial success has encouraged young people to avoid marriage

Young men and women are prioritising financial success over romantic relationships. Many are avoiding marriage to focus on career development and ensure financial success.

Some married people file for divorce after realizing that the chances of attaining financial success while married are low. Many also file for divorce because excessive focus on financial success prevents their spouses from fulfilling their physical and emotional desires.

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