How to Love Your Job

How to Love Your Job

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Ancient people loved their occupations. Particularly, they enjoyed farming and hunting. Women sang songs while farming, and men were so excited about hunting that they danced and sang songs before a hunt. Hunting was so exciting that young boys eagerly waited for the day they will hunt with their fathers and older brothers.

Conversely, many people today don’t enjoy their jobs because modern society’s structure forces us to do what we hate. Money is so important to our survival, and we have to stay in jobs we hate to earn it. It is difficult to make money from the jobs we love because they take time to be profitable and most of them don’t pay well.

For most of us, our jobs are our primary source of stress, and we are seldom enthusiastic about them. We always look forward to the weekend while working.

We must learn to love our jobs because we spend one-third of our lives at work. Besides, our mental well-being and many other areas of our lives suffer when we have a poor relationship with our jobs.

To love your job, you must eradicate all the ‘ifs’ in your head while working or thinking about your job.  You should stop thinking that you could have enjoyed working IF you loved your job responsibilities, IF you worked from home, IF your job was high-paying, IF you made autonomous decisions, or IF you worked in a certain city.

These ‘ifs’ are a major reason why you hate your job. They prevent you from focusing on your job responsibilities and realizing your job’s value. They shift your focus from your job responsibilities to your desired state, resulting in the failure to enjoy your job because you can only enjoy working if you focus on your duties and become one with them.

To enjoy your job, you must also stop obsessing over the lives of people who make a living from their passion. Stop comparing your situation with theirs and realize that most of them made tons of sacrifices before making money from their passion. Realize that with hard work, perseverance, and discipline, you can develop the skill set required for the job you love. Use these people as your source of inspiration rather than a reason for hating your job.

Moreover, stop focusing on your job’s disadvantages because they will appear bigger and cause more stress. Remember, what you focus on expands.

Make peace with all the disadvantages of your job and realize that your dream job and all other jobs have disadvantages. Focus on the positive side of your job. Notice how it enables you to afford certain things, and visualize what will happen if you lose your job. Think about the unemployed people who wish they had a job.

Make your job interesting by challenging yourself to produce high-quality work every day. This challenge will reduce work-related stress by making you focus on your job responsibilities.

Drop all beliefs, philosophies, and ideas about how your job should be and see it as it is: something that enables you to earn a living. Lastly, give your best at work and invite grace into your job as you strive to produce high-quality work.


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