I Just Realized The Top Four Proven Truths About Success

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Apart from working hard towards success, I love studying success because I want to know what it takes to succeed. I also study success to check whether successful people faced the same challenges I’m facing.

After studying success and working towards it for a while, I realized the four major truths about success.

  1. Personal Development is Essential for Success

Not all successful people went through personal development. However, some of them read and listened to personal development books and tapes. For example, Sara Blakely (Net worth – $ 1.03 Billion) revealed that she loved listening to Wayne Dyer’s personal development tapes.

Personal Development leads to success because it results in self-knowledge, self-awareness, the identification and development of talents, self-confidence, and a positive mindset.

‘Growth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who don’t. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s because of personal development.’ – John Maxwell.

  1. Mentors Make The Journey Easier and Shorter

Mentors make the journey easier and shorter because they tell you what you must do to succeed.

As an aspiring blogger and author, I have realized that my journey is tough because I don’t have a mentor. It dawned on me that I must find a mentor to share with me the secrets to successful blogging because I waste a lot of time trying to pinpoint the best tactics for growing my blog.

I also realized that I need a mentor after discovering that many successful people had mentors. Warren Buffet (Networth – $ 82.6 Billion) was mentored by Benjamin Graham. Tony Robbins (Net worth $ 480 Million) was mentored by Jim Rohn, who was mentored by Earl Shoaff.

  1. It Might Take Long Before We Meet Success

After reading the biographies of several successful people, I realized that it takes 4 to 10 years of hard work for one to meet success. Therefore, as go-getters, we must not expect to meet success as soon as we start chasing our dreams.

  1. Mistakes are Part of the Journey

No one starts as an expert. Be ready to make hundreds of mistakes on the journey to greatness. Mistakes are unavoidable because the journey is mostly based on trial and error as we never know the exact path to success.

At some point in your journey, you’ll realize that you’ve made many mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up because mistakes are part of the journey.

Recently, I read my posts, and realized that they had several grammar errors. My English is poor, and some of my posts lack good sentence flow. I don’t regret making these mistakes because they make me eager to improve my writing skills.

Listen to Beyonce’s advice on making  mistakes.

Concluding Remarks

We must strive to learn from our mistakes and avoid being angry at ourselves when we make them.  We must also embrace personal development and strive to find a mentor. Finally, we have to be aware that success might take longer than we expected, and for this reason, we must practice loving the journey and forgetting about the outcome.

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