is god a good spirit

Is God a Good Spirit?

Last Updated on June 7, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

All ancient cultures that believed in God’s existence intuitively believed that God was a good spirit. The Yoruba in Africa believed God was good, and he wanted them to be happy and successful. Ancient Greeks knew Zeus was ever good.

It’s perplexing that cultures that lived thousands of miles away from each other concluded that God is good.

Besides ancient cultures, organized religions, which usually consider themselves advanced, also believe God is good even though they disagree on various aspects of God. For instance, although Christians believe in 1 God in 3 Divine Persons (The Holy Trinity) while Muslims only believe in 1 God in 1 person, they all believe God is a good spirit.

But is God a good spirit?

The common belief – that God is good – throughout ancient cultures and organized religions forced me to meditate on God to discover if this Spirit is really good. I then discovered that ancient cultures and organized religions believed God was good because they realized that The Creator provided for everything it created. I agree with them because watching many nature films enlightened me that The Creator abundantly provides for every creature.

Besides this, I believe God is a good spirit because he designed the universe to encourage goodness. He designed us to love good people and dislike wicked individuals, and for this reason, politicians always pretend to be good during elections.

The Creator is good because he encourages goodness by designing good thoughts to have good effects on our immune system while he discourages wickedness by programming bad thoughts and emotions to have a negative effect on our immune system.

Suffering has encouraged modern society to doubt God’s goodness. The modern society can’t understand how a good God can create a world where people suffer 24/7.  The society is unaware that most suffering is man-made. For instance, capitalism led to pollution (which causes several diseases) and poverty. Besides, natural disasters mostly occur due to human activity: deforestation encourages flooding, while mining and dam building trigger earthquakes.

Therefore, suffering can’t be used to argue against God’s goodness because most of it is man-made.

If God was bad, he could have created a world with little water, food, and oxygen despite designing us to need these things. Furthermore, he could have squeezed all the world’s population in a few acres.

But if you take a closer look at the world, you’ll realize that all these things (land, water, air, and food) are in abundance. Land only seems scarce because some people took more than enough while food seems scarce because modern society commercialized it.

God is a good spirit, and no one can argue against this. He’s always willing to provide for us because he exists in us. He gave us free will and allowed us to enjoy everything in the physical world. Trust him, meditate on him 24/7, be virtuous, surrender to the flow of life, and you’ll see his goodness


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