Is Righteousness Necessary?

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‘The righteousness and goodness of a man will not protect him from suffering and
may even add to it.’ – The Kolbrin Bible

Righteousness is mainly defined as, ‘living a life that delights The Creator.’ It also refers to any behavior that aligns with the conventional principles of uprightness, virtue, or morality. Muslims and Christians believe God rewards and protects the righteous. For this reason, most of them embrace righteousness because they believe being righteous guarantees blessings and prevents bad things from happening.

However, bad things happen to everyone, including the righteous. Nothing proves the righteous are protected from calamity. Just like wicked people, the righteous also suffer.

The universe seems to not care about righteousness. For as Henri Frankfort noted in his book, ‘The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man’, ‘A man who has been righteous throughout may yet be dealt with the powers who govern existence as though he were the blackest offender.’

Thus, the belief that God protects the righteous from bad occurrences is delusional. This belief might make you stop believing in God if bad things happen to you despite being righteous all your life. The good thing about this belief is that it’s psychologically beneficial. It makes righteous people less anxious because they know their behavior ensures God’s protection.

By the way, I am a realist. I don’t console myself with delusions. I only believe in things after proving their validity. Therefore, I embrace righteousness not because God protects and blesses the righteous, but because of the several benefits of righteousness I have experienced.

I have noticed that righteousness eliminates negative energy since it discourages negative emotions such as jealousy and hate. It also makes life meaningful, leads to inner peace, and results in a good reputation that can help you attract wonderful opportunities.

Therefore, righteousness is necessary because of these and many other real benefits.

We have not yet proved that God rewards or protects the righteous because, just like the wicked, they also experience severe hardships. The righteous are sometimes unlucky and some of them die poor. If God really loved and blessed the righteous, as Christians and Muslims believe, they could have experienced heaven on earth.

It seems God or Source Energy is fair because it treats the righteous and unrighteous equally. It designed life to ensure that everyone has good and bad experiences regardless of their way of life. It blesses and rewards both the righteous and unrighteous.

Therefore, realize that righteousness is necessary, but don’t be righteous because you want to be rewarded or protected. Be righteous because you want to experience the real benefits.


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