Why You Must Never Expose Your Weaknesses

Last Updated on July 15, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

Everybody has a weakness. Some people are quick to anger, others are too generous, others have low-self-esteem. You must never expose your weaknesses to anyone. Even your closest friends must never know your weaknesses because one day they might use them against you.

In warfare and business, the winner always exploits the other party’s weaknesses. Those who attain absolute control over others mainly do so because they know their weaknesses. For instance, political leaders use fear to control people, knowing that fear is the public’s weakness.

To conclude, people will use your weaknesses to attack you. If you become influential or famous, some people will strive to pinpoint your weaknesses and use them against you. Therefore, work on your weaknesses, but never expose them to your friends, husband, wife, children, or the society. You never know, they might use them against you.

‘Be Careful Who You Share Your Weakness With. Some People Can’t Wait For The Opportunity To Use Them Against You.’ – Anonymous

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  1. Yes it is important to sometimes to keep a little secret to ourselves. A sense of privacy is necessary. Exposing too much of ourselves will result to abuse and embarrassment.

    • Absolutely true..human beings are weak, anyone can turn against us on any given day and embarrass us by exposing our weaknesses and private matters..So its important to keep some things to ourselves..That is a good one