Read This if You Hate Someone

Read This if You Hate Someone

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by The Unbounded Thinker

I used to hate people who had different characters, beliefs, and values from mine. Today, I realized that the hate was wasted energy because I now love them.

I hated them because I thought my character was the best. I judged them based on my limited knowledge of them. I never tried to understand the factors that led to their behavior. I just judged them because their character, beliefs, values, and interests were different from mine.

However, after interacting regularly with them, I realized that we share the same hobbies and interests. I noticed that they also love playing video games, travelling, reading, dancing, and getting the best out of life.

For these reasons, I regret speaking ill of them and wishing bad things to happen to them because I now love them.

Today, when I find myself hating someone, I remind myself that I am wasting my energy because I might love them someday.

I also noticed that the things I hate in people are part of me. I hated egoistic people because I used to be highly egoistic, I hated people who love fighting because I loved fighting when I was a kid. I hated knowledgeable people because I always want to be well-informed. For this reason, instead of judging the people I hate, I now use their character to understand myself.

Such realizations have prevented me from embracing hateful feelings towards others. I now realize that such feelings are based on egoistic thoughts and lack a sensible foundation. I now practice unconditional love by trying to love all people regardless of their character or behavior.

This practice is founded on the understanding that hateful feelings can lower my vibrational frequency, making it difficult for me to attract what I want, while love –the most powerful emotion- places me on a higher vibrational frequency, which leads to peace of mind and happiness, and enables me to attract what I want easily

Today, when I feel like hating, I meditate on the fact that we are all a physical expression of Infinite Intelligence/God and hating someone implies that I hate a unique expression of this intelligence.

‘If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.’ – Herman Hesse

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