Top 17 Katt Williams Quotes

Top 17 Katt Williams Quotes

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Katt Williams is a successful American stand-up comedian with an estimated net worth of $5 million. He gained his fame primarily through his second comedy album “It’s Pimpin” Pimpin’.”

Katt Williams earns a minimum of $100,000 per stand-up show and Netflix pays him approximately $10 million per Special

Besides being a great comedian, Katt Williams is an amazing actor who has appeared in several movies including, First Sunday, Norbit, and Friday After Next.

I admire Katt Williams, and for this reason, I watch his videos on YouTube so that I learn what makes him a great man.

Here is what I noted down while watching his interviews.


  1. “If you’re young just don’t listen to people who haven’t done what they’re telling you about. It’s always important to consider the source.”
  2. “Whatever I don’t have is only just because I don’t have it. It’s not because I can’t get it. All I have to do is want it and it belongs to me.”
  3. “If someone tells you don’t live your dream, check how they are living.”
  4. “The only thing you can count on is your God and yourself.”
  5. “If something works, keep working on it.”
  6. “To be confident and not delusional is a real skill.”
  7. “If you decide today that you’re gonna live every day like it’s your last, your life will change. You’ll really start making decisions and living your life like this is all you got.”
  8. “Whatever you are trying to do in your dreams, do it right now while your body is still with you.”
  9. “Genius is often called crazy, but crazy is never called genius. So you just have to put out the work and let the chips fall where they may.”
  10. “We did our own rehearsals daily to make sure that we were at the level of professional actors.”
  11. “The past is something for you to learn from and the future is something that you hope is going to happen.”
  12. “If you are a man, let’s do business. Otherwise, I am not here for friendship. I adopted seven children I probably don’t have time for you.”
  13. “I am one of the only free agents in Hollywood.”
  14. “I have never been the funniest person on the planet at any point. So now it doesn’t matter if people have a different opinion.”
  15. “God is there first and sometimes his best gift for us is getting us out.”
  16.  “There are certain human beings that understand that being afraid in no way stops you from doing what you got to do.”
  17. “The audience’s opinion is the only opinion that matters, not you the writer. So I don’t think any comedian has ever been booed unnecessarily.”

There are many things you can learn from Katt Williams if you ponder these quotes. Don’t forget to note down the quotes you feel are the best so that you don’t forget them.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.


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