Top 23 Brendon Burchard Quotes that Will Bring Out the Best in You

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

Brendon Burchard is a best-selling author and wonderful self-help teacher who focuses on advising people on how to achieve high performance. He’s also a motivational speaker that will make you believe you’re not far from achieving your dreams.

He was once recognized as one of the highest paid motivational speakers, and more than 1,000,000 students have successfully completed his online courses.

Here are some of his words of wisdom that will bring out the best in you

  1. ‘Never limit your vision for your future based on your current capabilities and concerns.’
  2. ‘If you have a big dream and you are not currently developing your skill-set to achieve it, you are thinking too big.’
  3. ‘A part of achieving anything is having the patience to work towards it.’
  4. ‘That thing that makes us great is generosity. The ability to be generous to others with your time, attention, mentorship, care, love, patience, forgiveness, understanding, spirit, and energy.’
  5.  ‘If you really wanna get ahead, it’s going to take another level of commitment.’
  6. ‘When it’s difficult, keep perspective on the fact that there have been good times, and there will be more good times.’
  7. ‘To have hope, we have to stay persistent. To keep at it no matter what.’
  8. ‘You need people to support you on a journey to a bigger vision.’
  9. ‘There’s something powerful beyond us and there’s a way to access and honor it.’
  10. ‘Little things every single day add up to greatness.’
  11. ‘If you get ahead at a thing that you don’t care about, it will deaden the soul.’
  12. ‘Your ambition has to be free from negativity.’
  13. ‘I don’t think anyone can think too big. I think the real challenge is too many people fail to plan big.’
  14.  ‘While life is short, life is also full of second chances.’
  15. ‘If you are really going to get ahead, you got to study your craft.’
  16. ‘Always believe in your ability to figure things out.’
  17. ‘Go out and be great, and never apologize for it.’
  18. ‘A life of greatness begins with the power of intention.’
  19. ‘The way that you achieve what you really want in your life is you help other people achieve what they want in their life.
  20. What matters is what are you trying to do with your life. How you are trying to contribute, and how you grow into that.
  21. ‘Jealousy is fear dressed up’.
  22. ‘If you limit the expression of who you are and what you have to give in the world based on a couple of people who might criticize you then you’ve sunken below the lowest common denominator of mankind.’
  23. ‘You’ve had beautiful days before. They will come again. Believing in that sustains our hope.’

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