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Top 5 Unique Reasons for Meditating



I used to wonder why spiritual teachers, wealthy entrepreneurs, and personal development teachers laid emphasis on meditation. I thought meditating was a waste of time since it had no benefits. However, after meditating daily, in the morning and before I go to bed, for about three months, I discovered the amazing reasons why everyone should meditate.

You must meditate because:

1.Meditation Enables You to Realize the Existence of a Higher Power Within You

By placing your attention on your breath during meditation, you’ll notice that you don’t control the breathing process because there is a Higher Power within you controlling it.

2.Meditation Shifts Your Brain Waves from Beta to Gamma Waves

Several researchers have discovered that your brain produces waves that determine the quality of your life. Mainly, our brains produce high beta waves because we are often stressed, fearful, frustrated, or anxious. The high beta waves are bad because they result in a chaotic brain and weaken the immune system.

Meditation is thus good for you because it stimulates the production of gamma waves, which are associated with high levels of happiness, creativity, and improved awareness.

3.You’ll Feel Relaxed

It’s difficult for your mind to be crowded with thoughts while meditating because meditation quietens your mind and leads to mental relaxation.

4.Meditation Enables you To Experience the Now

Focusing on your breath while meditating will bring you into the present moment and allow you to experience its beauty. For a moment, you’ll forget about the past and the future, and you’ll experience the stillness of the present moment. You’ll feel how the wind interacts with your body, and you’ll hear the birds and crickets sing their sweet songs. You’ll discover several things that always happen in the present moment, but you never notice because your brain is usually thinking about the future or the past.

5.Meditation Enables You to Know Your Feelings and Thinking Pattern

Meditation allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings and realize how you always think and feel. It makes you understand that your life is the way it is because of your thoughts and feelings.

As Ed Halliwell and Jonty Heaversedge put it, ‘by calmly, quietly and kindly observing our mind, we see our repetitive, negative thinking patterns, our uncomfortable feelings – anger, perhaps, sadness or fear – and we notice how they impel us towards reactions which cause us suffering, even though we hope they will make us happier (Ed Halliwell and Jonty Heaversedge – The Mindful Manifesto).’

Concluding Remarks

That being said, you must practice meditation daily even if you have a busy schedule. Try meditating for at least five minutes a day, and you’ll realize the above benefits of meditation and many others. You’ll realize that meditation lowers your stress levels, increases focus, awakens your intuition, and connects you to your surroundings.


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  1. Jeanine Byers

    May 7, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Those are all very good reasons for meditating!! I used to meditate more regularly, and have recently begun again to do so. Hope to keep it up for all those reasons you mentioned.

    • Isaac Wechuli

      May 7, 2019 at 8:35 pm

      thanks. nway, did you stop meditating? as for me, I have never stopped because of its awesome benefits. i’m even addicted to it

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Why Our Prayers Are Ineffective



Why Our Prayers Are Ineffective

Recently, I discovered that most people’s prayers are ineffective. I thus meditated on prayer, studied what many great thinkers wrote about prayer, and discovered the reasons why our prayers are ineffective.

Firstly, I realized that our prayers are ineffective because our minds are never silent. Many spiritual teachers believe the Creator usually talks to us after we pray, but we never hear the message because we are always thinking about our problems, the future, the past, and so on. We can only hear the Creator’s message regarding our prayers when we silence our minds. For as Rumi said, ‘the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.’

Secondly, it dawned on me that our prayers are ineffective because our emotions and thoughts seldom align with what we pray for. For instance, we sometimes think deeply about our inability to become prosperous after praying for prosperity. Or, we sometimes continue worrying about the future despite praying to God to bless it.

The thoughts and emotions we embrace after prayer matter because we often attract what we deeply think and feel. Therefore, it’s difficult for our prayers to be answered if our thoughts and feelings align with what we don’t want.

Thirdly, our prayers are ineffective because we make decisions and take actions that don’t align with what we’ve prayed for. For instance, after praying for riches, most of us embrace laziness and make decisions that lead to poverty. As well, we avoid taking risks, and we fear taking the path that leads to riches despite fasting and praying hard for riches.

Fourthly, our prayers are ineffective because we are never alert for answers. After praying for something, most of us either forget about the prayer or focus on why the prayer is not getting answered. From my research on prayer, I learned that spiritual masters are usually alert for answers after praying. They constantly analyze their experiences since they believe they’ll find the answers to their prayers in their experiences.

In conclusion, although I believe action is bigger than prayer, I also believe prayers are effective because the Creator is a conscious being that can hear and answer our prayers. Moreover, the fact that many ancient cultures believed in prayer – despite living far away from each other – makes me believe that prayer works. Therefore, I think most of our prayers are ineffective because we haven’t mastered the art of prayer.

Anyway, I believe these are not the only reasons for ineffective prayers. You are thus free to provide more reasons in the comment box below.

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20 Powerful Spiritual Truths You Must Know Right Now



After reading several spiritual books and meditating every day, I realized the following truths, which I believe everyone must know.

  1. What you do unto others shall be done unto you.
  2. You exist within the Creator. Therefore, your blessings and opportunities are infinite.
  3. If Jesus came today, none of us would have believed that he was the Son of God.
  4. You’ll experience a spiritual awakening once you realize the true history of man.
  5. Many spiritual beings exist among us, and we’ll only see them when we raise our states of consciousness.
  6. Once you know the esoteric knowledge the Illuminati possesses, you’ll never be the same again.
  7. Myths have hidden spiritual truths in them. Therefore, don’t ignore them completely.
  8. No one, including those who wrote the Bible, knows how God created the world.
  9. Always study nature because the principles of the Creator are written in nature.
  10. The most important spiritual knowledge is found in banned biblical books and secret societies.
  11. Everyone has magical powers; the problem is that nobody bothers to awaken them.
  12. We are controlled by the Illuminati because we are led by our egos. It could be impossible for them to control us if we lived as our higher-selves.
  13. Immortal kings or Gods once ruled the earth.
  14.  The more you fight the ego, the more it grows. The only way to overcome the ego is to practice living as your higher-self.
  15. If you focus on material things and ignore spiritual development, you’ll never be fulfilled.
  16. Only those who avoid competing with others can live in harmony with others.
  17. The search for God is madness for God exists within the seeker.
  18.  Your true self, which is creative, clairvoyant, and magical, will never arise if you attach yourself to the ego/false self.
  19. Once you stop comparing your present moment with memories, you’ll see the blessings within every moment.
  20. ‘You’ll never lack anything if you study the laws that govern the universe and live by them.


You are welcome to my facebook group: unbounded wisdom community, for insightful quotes and ideas.

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