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Top 5 Unique Reasons for Meditating



I used to wonder why spiritual teachers, wealthy entrepreneurs, and personal development teachers laid emphasis on meditation. I thought meditating was a waste of time since it had no benefits. However, after meditating daily, in the morning and before I go to bed, for about three months, I realized the amazing reasons why everyone should meditate.

You must meditate because:

1.Meditation Enables You to Realize the Existence of a Higher Power Within You

By placing your attention on your breath during meditation, you’ll notice that you don’t control the breathing process because there is a Higher Power within you controlling it.

2.Meditation Shifts Your Brain Waves from Beta to Gamma Waves

Several researchers have discovered that your brain produces waves that determine your quality of life. Most of our brains produce high beta waves because we are often stressed, fearful, frustrated, or anxious. The high beta waves are bad for us because they result in a chaotic brain and weaken the immune system.

Meditation is thus good for you because it stimulates the production of gamma waves. These waves are associated with high levels of happiness, creativity, and improved awareness.

3.You’ll Feel Relaxed

It’s difficult for your mind to be crowded with thoughts while meditating because meditation quietens your mind and leads to mental relaxation. Besides this, meditation leads to mental relaxation because it detaches you from your thoughts.

4.Meditation Enables you To Experience the Now

Focusing on your breath while meditating will bring you into the present moment and allow you to experience its beauty. For a moment, you’ll forget about the past and the future, and you’ll experience the stillness of the present moment. You’ll feel how the wind interacts with your body, and you’ll hear the birds and crickets sing their sweet songs. You’ll discover several things that always happen in the present moment, but you never notice because your brain is usually thinking about the future or the past.

5.Meditation Enables You to Know Your Feelings and Thinking Pattern

Meditation allows you to observe your thoughts and feelings and realize how you always think and feel. It makes you understand that your life is the way it is because of your thoughts and feelings.

As Ed Halliwell and Jonty Heaversedge put it, ‘by calmly, quietly and kindly observing our mind, we see our repetitive, negative thinking patterns, our uncomfortable feelings – anger, perhaps, sadness or fear – and we notice how they impel us towards reactions which cause us suffering, even though we hope they will make us happier (Ed Halliwell and Jonty Heaversedge – The Mindful Manifesto).’

Concluding Remarks

That being said, you must practice meditation daily even if you have a busy schedule. Try meditating for at least five minutes a day, and you’ll realize the above benefits of meditation and many others. You’ll realize that meditation lowers your stress levels, increases focus, awakens your intuition, and makes you more connected to your surroundings.


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  1. Jeanine Byers

    May 7, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Those are all very good reasons for meditating!! I used to meditate more regularly, and have recently begun again to do so. Hope to keep it up for all those reasons you mentioned.

    • Isaac Wechuli

      May 7, 2019 at 8:35 pm

      thanks. nway, did you stop meditating? as for me, I have never stopped because of its awesome benefits. i’m even addicted to it

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7 Major Discoveries You’ll Make When Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening



A spiritual awakening refers to the reconnection with reality. It involves rising above the lies that have been guiding your life and adopting a spiritual perception of life. Awakening is good for you because it strengthens your connection with Infinite Intelligence and makes you see the world through spiritual eyes.

There are several discoveries you’ll make when you awaken. Here are seven of them:

1.Nature is Important

You’ll become obsessed with conserving nature because you’ll realize that nature is essential for your survival. Besides, you’ll discover that nature can survive without man but man can’t survive without nature. For this reason, the destruction of nature will hurt you and you’ll wish to eradicate the individuals that do it.

2.Huge Corporations Create Your Belief System

Awakening will enlighten you that your beliefs have been engineered by huge corporations that want you to buy their products. You’ll realize that wealthy entrepreneurs pay movie producers and musicians to produce content that makes you believe in materialism hence resulting in you constantly buying their products.

3.All Religions are Similar

Awakening makes you discover that all religions are similar because they lay emphasis on the connection with a Higher Power. You’ll realize that they all acknowledge Infinite Intelligence, but provide different ways of connecting with it. For this reason, you’ll dismiss the idea of a ‘true religion’ and you’ll try to acquire pearls of spiritual wisdom from every religion.

4.People Are Powerful Beings

You’ll discover that people are suffering because they are unaware that they are beings of unlimited power. You’ll also realize that you have the power to create the life you want because The Creator’s energy lies within you. This discovery will make you avoid worrying about the future because it will enlighten you that you have power over your destiny.

5.The Dangers of Following the Masses

Awakening will enlighten you about the side-effects of following the crowds. You’ll discover that following the masses limits your capabilities as it requires you to adhere to certain patterns that make you live an average life. You’ll thus realize that everybody who failed in life followed the masses.

6.Ego is The Enemy

You’ll realize the ego is the enemy because it makes you obsessed with your self-image. Moreover, you’ll realize the ego is the enemy of progress because it makes you obsessed with what others are thinking about you. For this reason, you’ll try detaching from the ego and you’ll work on letting your true self direct your life.

7.Knowledge is Power

Awakening will enlighten you that knowledge is power hence making you hungry for knowledge. You’ll become obsessed with reading so that you understand how life and Infinite Intelligence work.


There are many more discoveries you’ll make when you awaken, and I would like you to share them in the comment box below.

Anyway, I wish you the best in your spiritual journey. May you awaken and realize the greatness of Infinite Intelligence.


Thanks for reading.

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Top Five Amazing Spiritual Truths Everyone Must Know



After reading spiritual books and meditating on life for about five years, I discovered amazing spiritual truths that I would love to share with you.

Here are they:

1.Infinite Intelligence/God Works Through People

Spirits function in the physical world by possessing people. Similarly, Infinite Intelligence, which is also Spirit, functions in the physical world through people. This is why our prayers are answered through people. When we pray for a job, we get it from people, when we pray for money, we also get it from people. Infinite Intelligence never answers our prayers directly because it needs a physical body to function in the physical universe. 

2.Infinite Intelligence Chooses People to Accomplish Its Mission

Study ancient societies and you’ll realize that they all had ‘God-chosen’ folks.  For instance, the Arabians had Muhammad, the Kenyan Akamba had Syokimau, the Nazarenes had Jesus Christ, and the Egyptians had Hermes Trismegistus. These individuals had certain missions that Infinite Intelligence wanted them to accomplish. It used Syokimau and Muhammad as prophets, Jesus as the ‘Savior,’ and Hermes Trismegistus as the enlightener.

I don’t know the criteria The Creator uses in choosing these people. However, I speculate The Creator usually chooses the humble, the generous, or the curious.

N/B – ‘Prophetess Syokimau’s death was surrounded by so many supernatural occurrences. This confirmed beyond reasonable doubts that Syokimau was not just an ordinary woman. She was an icon. A CHOSEN PROPHETESS. A Kamba leader.’ – Francis Mutunga, Syokimau – The Kenyan prophetess.

3.You’ll Live a Wonderful Life if You Build Your Inner World

Building the inner world ensures you have a good life. For instance, you’ll have a good life if you become the master of your thoughts and feelings because you’ll attract whatever you want into your life. Besides, you’ll enjoy life if you raise your vibrations because you’ll experience a greater sense of inner peace, joy, hope, and love.

4.Spiritual Practices Are Important to Your Brain

 ‘Whether you are a staunch atheist, a reserved agnostic, or a devout believer, you are equally likely to find the effects of religion on human brains astonishing.’ – Jasmin Collier, What Religion Does to Your Brain

Spiritual practices are important to the human brain. For instance, meditation encourages the brain to produce gamma waves hence improving our creativity, concentration, and clarity levels. Moreover, fasting improves brain function, and many scientists have proved that prayer increases activity in the frontal lobe, which is the part of the brain that deals with memory and attention. Furthermore, practicing silence eradicates stress in the brain hence resulting in a feeling of relaxation.

For this reason, you can incorporate spiritual practices in your daily life even when you don’t believe in spirituality because they are good for your brain.

5.Infinite Intelligence Needs its Creation

I used to doubt the idea that Infinite Intelligence needs its creation. However, I believed in it after meditating on nature and realizing that this intelligence is obsessed with the continuity of all living things and thus designed mating to be irresistible. Also, the fact that it provides to all living things enlightened me that it’s obsessed with their survival and continuity. This discovery eradicated my worries as I realized that The Source of Creation treasures my survival.


Besides the above amazing truths, I believe I’ll discover more amazing spiritual truths which I’ll share with you. Hope you’ll be around.


Thanks for reading.

You are welcome to join my facebook community: The unbounded wisdom community, for insightful quotes and ideas.

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