Why Semen Retention Is Not Causing Female Attraction For You

Why Semen Retention Is Not Causing Female Attraction For You

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

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After discussing the relationship between semen retention and female attraction, I found that some retainers do not experience female attraction despite retaining their seed.

I was surprised because I have first-hand experience of the impact of semen retention on female attraction. I have noticed that I attracted women while retaining but repelled women when fapping constantly.

Besides this, many spiritual masters throughout history discovered that semen retention causes female attraction. This understanding compelled them to instruct their followers to avoid women while practicing semen retention. Therefore, it’s impossible to convince me that semen retention does not cause female attraction.

Recently, I wondered why some individuals who practice semen retention don’t attract women. It perplexed me how some men experience female attraction while others don’t. I thought deeply and I realized why semen retention may not result in female attraction to some retainers.

First, I realized that most retainers who don’t attract women are desperate for women. These individuals retain their seed only because they want to experience female attraction, and they become angry if they don’t attract women despite retaining their seed.

Semen retention mainly attracts women due to the energy an individual emits while retaining. Conversely, desperation repels women since a desperate individual emits a completely different and off-putting energy.

Desperation often manifests as neediness, insecurity, and resentfulness, creating an energy that pushes women away. This energy can undermine any potential attraction that semen retention could have caused. Therefore, the key is not just the act of semen retention itself but the energy it cultivates.

A person who practices semen retention with a balanced and confident attitude is more likely to attract women due to the positive energy they radiate. However, someone who retains out of desperation may find that their energy pushes women away.

Second, I realized that most retainers who don’t experience female attraction seldom put themselves in situations or places where they are likely to interact with women. They expect women to be drawn to them magically without putting in any effort or actively engaging in social interactions. This passive approach is founded on the belief that simply retaining semen will automatically make men appealing to women.

These individuals fail to realize that attraction is built through genuine interactions. Merely retaining semen without interacting with women doesn’t provide the necessary feedback to understand the impact of semen retention on female behavior.

It’s important to emphasize that initiating interactions doesn’t always require approaching new women while retaining. You just need to interact with familiar women by being present and participating in meaningful conversations or collaborative activities to experience how semen retention changes female behavior.

One thing I have realized is that men who retain with the primary goal of experiencing the spiritual, physical, and mental benefits of semen retention usually experience female attraction as a side effect. I think it’s mainly because they don’t emit a desperate energy. Instead, they emit an energy that communicates confidence, authenticity, and a balanced approach to relationships.

Lastly, some men might have personality traits and values that repel women and they expect semen retention to compensate for these shortcomings. They are unaware that attracting women goes beyond just practicing semen retention as it also involves having good communication skills. These men and anyone else who retains their semen with the primary goal of attracting women must work on enhancing their overall persona. Most importantly, they must stop practicing semen retention because its main aim is personal development and not female attraction.

Throughout history, philosophers and spiritual masters who practiced semen retention did so for spiritual or self-improvement purposes, not to attract women. Thus, using semen retention as a tool for female attraction goes against the original intent and wisdom behind this practice.


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