24 Goals of the Illuminati that Prevent Us from Knowing Our True Self and Living a Good Life

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‘The Illuminati power structure wants the population to perceive only the world of the five senses, and our societies are almost entirely aimed at entrancing the senses of sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. People are so much easier to deceive and control when they are detached from higher sources of information.’ – David Icke

After studying the Illuminati for a while, I realized that its main aim is to prevent us from knowing who we are because it won’t control the world if we know our true power. I also realized that the Illuminati wants us to be in a constant state of sadness since its leaders (who are mainly satanic entities) love negative energy. This energy makes them more powerful.

The Illuminati formulates goals that enable it to attain such aims.

Here are Illuminati’s objectives that prevent us from knowing Our True Self and living a good life.


  1. Prevent human beings from using both the left and right brain.
  2. Make the youth addicted to drugs.
  3. Create a constant state of fear among the masses.
  4. Suppress feminine energy and promote masculinity.
  5. Encourage left-brain thinking by promoting academic education.
  6. Encourage people to compete, then they will be vulnerable to hate and envy.
  7. Let people believe that external factors such as their jobs, social status, financial status, clothes, and academic qualifications define them. This will make them vulnerable to worry, anxiety, or depression.
  8. Ensure that negative thoughts dominate the minds of human beings.
  9. Prevent people from reading stories that expose the Illuminati’s agenda by claiming that they are conspiracy theories.
  10. Ensure a rapid erosion of traditional cultural values and beliefs.
  11. Ensure that people believe money is the end-goal.
  12. Make people believe they are worthless if they are not rich.
  13. Create the idea that partying, drinking, and smoking are amazing activities.
  14. Ensure that human-beings spend most of their time working so that they never find time to contemplate life.
  15. Create movies and songs that boost the ego.
  16. Encourage the youth to waste their sexual energy –which is creative energy – by making them obsessed with sexual intercourse.
  17. Create enmity between races.
  18. If you can’t make people doubt God’s existence, make them believe that God is separate from them.
  19. Create a system that encourages people to always try to prove their worth to others.
  20. Make human beings believe that science has all the answers.
  21. Make human beings believe that life was meant to be hard.
  22. Make human beings believe that happiness always lies in the future.
  23. Condition human beings to value themselves only when people adore them.
  24. Create an obsession with the future to prevent human beings from knowing the magic in the present moment.

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