35 Harsh Realities of Life You Need to Accept Right Now

35 Harsh Realities of Life You Need to Accept Right Now

Last Updated on September 15, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

There are many harsh realities in life. Here are the top 35 harsh realities of life you need to accept right now.

  1. ‘Some of your friends will stop associating with you when their life gets better.’
  2. ‘Motivational books are useless if you don’t take action.’
  3. ‘You might be taken for granted if you put too much effort into your relationships.’
  4. ‘Many people think they are seeking leadership, but POWER is all they want.’
  5. Not everyone will like you-suck it up.’
  6. ‘Making time for everyone will result in you not having time for yourself.’
  7. ‘You’ll experience negative emotions and feelings, whether you are spiritual or not.’
  8. ‘Passionate love never lasts, but compassionate love does.’
  9. ‘Your thoughts are powerless without feelings and emotions. When you think about something, it appears in the spiritual dimension, and your emotions and feelings pull it into the physical dimension.’
  10.  ‘Nothing is permanent. You might lose what you have today, and acquire more than enough tomorrow.’
  11. ‘Never trust people too much, even your best friends can betray you.’
  12. ‘The person you love the most might hurt you the most.’
  13. ‘Believing in God makes life bearable and meaningful.’
  14. ‘Beware of strangers that are extremely nice to you for no reason. They always want to take advantage of you.’
  15.  ‘There will always be someone better than the person you love.
  16. ‘Don’t reveal your weaknesses to anyone, including your friends or relatives, as they might be tempted to use them against you one day.
  17. The best answer to the question, what is the purpose of life? is that life has no purpose.
  18. ‘People hate hardships and most of them will abandon you during hard times.
  19. ‘No one, including your friends or lover, will love you the way your parents do.
  20. ‘One day, you will die, and whatever you did on planet earth won’t matter.’
  21. ‘Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in treating you. They just want your money, and therefore, they will never manufacture drugs that cure diseases completely.
  22. ‘Prayer mostly works when it aligns with your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions.’
  23. ‘People can forget the many good things you did to them, but they will never forget the one bad thing you did.’
  24.  ‘Looks do matter. Some people will avoid associating with you because they think you are not good looking.’
  25. ‘When you become wiser, you will only enjoy interacting with a few people.’
  26. ‘The lack of money can teach you more about human nature in a short period of time.’
  27. ‘A person you deeply love will die one day.’
  28. ‘Few people can live without sex.’
  29. ‘The number of friends you have will reduce as you get older.’
  30. ‘Some of your friends will be scared if you chase your dreams, and they will secretly wish that you fail.’
  31. ‘Hardships are part of life, and you will face them whether you are deeply spiritual or not. Being spiritual doesn’t eliminate hardships; it just makes them bearable.’
  32. ‘Suppressed emotions are dangerous to your health and relationships because they sometimes erupt violently.’
  33. ‘Embrace failure for it eradicates fake friends.’
  34. ‘We are all brothers and sisters. The earth is our mother, and no one can survive without it.’
  35. ‘If you hate someone, you also hate The Creator, because everybody is a physical representation of the Creator.’

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