5 Catastrophic Effects of Academic Education that Make Me Doubt Its’ Importance

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My parents always told me to work hard at school because good grades lead to financial success. They also told me that academic education will make me exceptionally intelligent.

However, when I grew up and studied successful and highly intelligent individuals, I realized that academic education neither made them intelligent nor successful.

I then discovered the disastrous effects of academic education.

In today’s article, I will share the 5 main implications of academic education that make me doubt its importance.

1. Academic Education Prepares us to be Workers

Academic education prepares us to work for other people for the rest of our lives. Teachers always told us that getting a high-paying job is the only path to prosperity. Therefore, we strived to pass exams so that we become employees and not employers.

2. Academic Education Leads to a Poor Understanding of Intelligence

School makes us believe reading and memorizing stuff makes us intelligent, although intelligence means the ability to solve problems. It makes students who fail their exams think they are unintelligent while it makes those who pass exams believe they are intelligent.

3. Academic Education Teaches us to Never Think Outside the Box

Life requires us to think creatively: to think outside the box. However, academic education trained us to think according to specific rules. We had to think the way teachers wanted us to think, and we were awarded low grades for thinking outside the box.

4. Academic Education Kills Talents

All Children are Born Artists: The Problem is to Remain Artists Till They Grow Up- Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

Academic education has destroyed billions of talents. School made us believe our talents won’t make us successful because the only way we could achieve success was by passing exams and getting a job. For this reason, most of us avoided developing our divine talents and focused on passing exams.

5. Academic Education Discourages Mistakes

School made us fear making mistakes because we were awarded low grades for wrong answers. Teachers advised us to avoid making mistakes although mistakes move us to learn.


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