5 Great Lessons I have learned from Claude Bristol’s book: The Magic of Believing (Part 1)

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The Magic of Believing is a wonderful book by the late News Editor and Reporter, Claude Bristol (1891 – 1951). You must read the book if you are interested in discovering how to use your thoughts to create a happy and successful life.

I read the book thrice because I had to grasp its marvelous, eye-opening information. I have learned much more than I thought from the book, and I would like to share the main lessons with you.

Here are they:

  • Thought is a Powerful Force

Claude Bristol believes thought is a powerful force because everything around us was once a thought. The chairs, cars, and all material things around us were made after a certain individual thought about them.

In addition, he believes your life is a product of your thoughts, and if you want a good life you must practice entertaining positive thoughts.

  • You Attract Whatever You Constantly Imagine

Claude Bristol believes you can bring anything into the physical world through powerful imagination because you attract whatever you always imagine. Therefore, if you keep imagining failure, you will eventually fail because your imagination will attract failure into your life.

  • Hard work Alone Will Not Bring Success

In the book, Claude Bristol writes that a large percentage of the world’s population has failed despite working hard. According to him, hard work is not the only thing that makes one successful.

Claude Bristol believes hard work is only fruitful when accompanied by creative thinking, faith and self-confidence. He argues that many successful people succeeded mainly because of creativity and faith: hard work was just a helper.

  • The Power of Desire

Claude Bristol believes all aspirers must have a strong desire because it is impossible to achieve anything without an all-consuming desire. He believes desire pushes people towards success because it acts as a motivating factor and leads to hard work.

  • You can Achieve Anything if You Believe in the Power of God/Creator/Super-conscious Mind

In the book, Claude Bristol acknowledged the presence of a supreme intelligent force that governs the Universe. He writes that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you rely on this force.

Claude Bristol believes this force can arrange things to work in your favour and it can get you out of trouble if you trust it. Lastly, he claims that many individuals have used this force to achieve riches, fame, and power.

If you have never read the book, please read it. And if you have read the book, feel free to add other lessons you learned from it

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