6 Main Teachings from James Allen’s Book: THE PATH OF PROSPERITY

6 Main Teachings from James Allen’s Book: THE PATH OF PROSPERITY

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In his book, The Path of Prosperity, James Allen focuses on enlightening readers that their inner world determines the conditions of their outer world. He also teaches the secret to success and happiness, why suffering exists, and how to end it.

You must read the book if you desire prosperity. Here are key teachings from the book.

  1. Suffering Leaves When You are Ready To Learn Its Lesson

You never overcome suffering because you are never willing to learn its lessons and you don’t understand that suffering is the universe’s way of correcting you.  Suffering vanishes when you are eager to learn from it because by doing so, you gain higher wisdom that enables you to overcome it.

  1. You deserve all your hardships

A universal law is responsible for bringing all your misfortunes and pains because you deserve them. You need your pains and sorrows so that you understand their purpose, and become wiser, and stronger. For this reason, you must never blame anyone for your hardships.

  1. Happiness Comes From Within

Many people believe they’ll only live a happy life in heaven. However, Allen teaches that you can attain happiness on earth because happiness comes from within. He believes building your inner world by cultivating virtue leads to happiness.

  1. Disasters are a result of the thoughts that dominate a country

We cannot blame one individual for causing war because disasters occur as a result of the collision of poorly-directed thought forces. As James Allen puts it, ‘national events are simply the working out of the psychic forces of a nation.’

  1. How To Awaken Your Intuition

To awaken your intuition, you must practice relaxing your mind by constantly thinking peaceful thoughts. This practice will enable you to gain power over your thoughts and desires: hence, causing a feeling of calmness and strength within you. The feeling will be accompanied by the awakening of your intuitive abilities.

  1. The secret to happiness

Unhappiness arises from self-centeredness and attachment to material things. For this reason, the secret to happiness is selflessness, and the detachment from material things. You also find happiness when you help those in need and lose yourself in their sorrows.


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