70 Powerful Andrew Tate Quotes For Success, Inspiration, and Motivation

70 Powerful Andrew Tate Quotes For Success, Inspiration, and Motivation

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Andrew Tate is an internet celebrity, entrepreneur, and former professional kickboxer who is loved and hated in equal measure. He is hated for his controversial views on women and is loved by many young men for teaching them how to earn respect.

Although Andrew Tate is a controversial figure, we all have to agree that he is a hardworking and inspiring individual.

Andrew Tate has an estimated net worth of approximately $380 million, he amassed a kickboxing record of 76 wins and had over 4 million followers on social media before he was banned on several social media platforms.

I love Andrew Tate because he delivers harsh truths about life, success, and being a man instead of merely offering motivational platitudes. Besides, he inspires me to work hard and persevere through adversity.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom by Andrew Tate I noted down while listening to him.


  1. “If you are gonna stand around and wait for a handout, nobody’s gonna ever respect you.”
  2. “If you truly want money, and you truly try hard, you’re gonna have so much money than you can possibly ever desire.”
  3. “There is no time in any scenario where working hard is going to be the wrong answer.”
  4. “There is no way you’re gonna matter unless you wake up and work extremely hard.”
  5. “Aspire to be a superman, not a normal person.”
  6. “You talk about your dream life and you don’t even know what your dream life is. How do you expect to get to a destination when you don’t know where you’re going.”
  7. “Have you ever found a really rich man or a very successful man and asked, “How did you become rich and successful?” and he goes, “I don’t know bro. I just woke up one day and it kind of happened and now I’m living my dream.”
  8. “There is a secret to the universe that most don’t know. If you try your best you can’t lose. If you genuinely try your best all of the time, all day every day, it’s impossible to lose.”
  9. “One of the only things in this world you can control is your state of mind. You decide if you are a disciplined, happy, or depressed person.”
  10. “I could wake up in a terrible mood, but I will complete the same tasks as if I woke up in a fantastic mood.”
  11. ‘There is no light without dark.”
  12. “You have the chance to build yourself up and become a superhero if you are prepared to do the hard work.”
  13. “There is no joy without rain, there is no sunshine without rain. You need up and down. This is how the world works.”
  14. “I wasn’t born this way, I made myself this way.”
  15. “I accept that the universe is a very giving place and that God loves all of us and if you try your best and work hard you can become a better person.”
  16. “It’s your duty as a man to stand up and say I wanna be as important, and strong, and good-hearted, and God-fearing, as possible and I need to work hard and achieve these things.”
  17. “I believe that confident strong men who stand up and protect and provide for women are a good thing for the world and the good force for the world”
  18. “The government is not capable of helping the poor, and this is why it’s so important as a person to take personal responsibility and understand you are living in a world where the matrix can be cracked.”
  19. ‘Every single time money is spent, you have to identify how your money was taken from you.”
  20. “A lot of people are empty vessels ready to be programmed.”
  21. “If somebody has depression of any kind whether it’s clinical, whether it exists or not, whether they feel depressed or not, taking control of their life, taking personal responsibility and working hard is always going to be the positive best thing they can possibly do for their life going forward.”
  22. “I’m telling the younger generation that if they don’t get up and work hard and make sure that they’re important the world’s not gonna give a f*ck about them.”
  23. “As a man you’re born with no inherent value. You have to become important, you have to go through some pain or go through some suffering to make people care about you, otherwise you’re not going to matter.”
  24. “A lazy person thinks he is working too hard, and a successful person thinks he’s not working hard enough.”
  25. “I believe a man has a duty to stand up and be a real man.”
  26. “You have to build yourself as a man and if you decide not to build yourself then your life’s gonna suck.”
  27. “The reality of masculinity is controlling your emotions. This is the reality of being a man.”
  28. “The people who make the rules don’t make the rules for the benefit of everybody. They make the rules for the benefit of the people who make the rules.”
  29. “Think for yourself.”
  30. “There is no quick fix.”
  31. “You have to suffer as a man, you gotta go through trauma to be a G as a man.”
  32. “You need to start levelling up your mentality, your spirituality, and your physicality.”
  33. “How does a woman respect a man? When she sees he respects himself and other men respect you.”
  34. “As a man, if you have not been through extremely difficult processes you’re never going to be of a high value.”
  35. “The true masculine frame throughout history was doing the things they didn’t want to do but they knew they had to do because these things had honor and duty.”
  36. “Being a normal dude is no longer an option. So as a man you have to be doing something to try and improve your status.”
  37. “You have to understand what your dream is, to make pain and suffering worthwhile.”
  38. “As a man you need to go through trauma. You need to go through difficult periods. You need to go through things which are extremely uncomfortable to become any kind of man of value.”
  39. “God is watching and he rewards those who want it the most.”
  40. “I believe there are only three reasons people are not rich. They are either stupid, arrogant, or lazy.”
  41. “Being a normal law-abiding citizen with a normal income and a normal wage and a normal wife is going to leave you depressed sooner or later.”
  42. “I don’t let fear guide what I’m going to do. I do what I’m supposed to do regardless of how I feel. So I don’t see anything wrong with feeling fearful.”
  43. “The flavor of life is pain, and I will eat all of it.”
  44. “Life is suffering in pain and you’re here to go through it. The sooner you get used to the taste the more successful you’re going to be.”
  45. “Nobody else cares about you. So if you don’t care you are f*cked.”
  46. “I don’t believe there’s a person on the planet who pays attention tries their best, is never lazy, is on time, works hard, has a mentor, and is giving it his all, who isn’t rich.”
  47. “For you to become rich and successful, its gonna require pain and suffering.”
  48. “Discipline is the key to success. If you cannot force yourself to do something you don’t want to do, how are you ever gonna put yourself through the suffering required for greatness.”
  49. “If you do not have the discipline to dedicate yourself to anything, you are going to fail and be crushed by people who can.”
  50. “How can you outcompete me if I can force myself to do the things I don’t wanna do and you don’t.”
  51. “Understanding that on your path to Greatness, there are going to be long periods of time where you hate what you are doing, where you are dissatisfied with the actions you must undertake, where you are tired, where you are stressed. That is why it is difficult. That is why most people won’t make it.”
  52. “Life is difficult but you are supposed to suffer and smile through the pain.”
  53. “Even God cannot help a quitter.”
  54. “Pain is the elixir of success.”
  55. “The worst thing that can happen to a man is to be born in a life with no pain in it.”
  56. “If bad things happen to you, do not feel sorry for yourself. Instead, look in the mirror and say, “Thank you God for giving me one of the ingredients that is needed for the chemical concoction that is going to turn me into a superhero.”
  57. “Life in of itself as a man is a never-ending struggle and a never-ending battle.
  58. “I don’t want to be happy, I want to be great.
  59. “If you stop caring about being happy and you start caring instead about being great, guess what? You end up being, HAPPY.
  60. “Counter your weaknesses by honing other capabilities. If you’re ugly become Filthy Rich. If you’re poor be as strong as an ox.”
  61. “Team up with people who compensate for your weaknesses. People who are strong in areas where you are weak and people who are weak in areas you are strong..”
  62. “If you have a disadvantage you also have somewhere God has given you a distinct advantage over others and it is your duty to excel in that realm.”
  63. “Heartbreak is unlimited motivation.”
  64. “I became me through tedious, arduous, difficult, never-ending work.”
  65. “Brutal determination and consistency are nearly impossible to beat.”
  66. “If you are a person who wakes up, does work, and takes 3 days off, you are gonna lose.”
  67. There is no thing as a successful person without a failure.”
  68. “It’s amazing what you can achieve if you don’t give up.”
  69. “The only thing that’s fun is masculine achievement and being respected for being monumentally successful.”
  70. “As a man you need to be instilled by a sense of duty.”

I believe you’ve learned a lot from these nuggets of wisdom by Andrew Tate. The biggest lesson you must learn from Andrew Tate is the need to work hard and persevere in the face of challenges.

If people ignored the controversial views of Andrew Tate and focused on the words of wisdom he freely shares, they could learn a lot from this man.

I wish you all the best on the journey of life.


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