Before You Were Born

Last Updated on July 22, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Before you were born into the physical world, you were omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. You existed outside of time and space, and you knew there is only one power that expresses itself in many forms. You knew that you were an infinite aspect of this power.

You became bored with infinity because you experienced it since you became self-aware. The stars, moon, sun, and entire galaxy did not appear miraculous, and existence became boring. Existence was also boring because you never experienced challenges, growth, and adventure.

You then realized that living an earthly life was the only way to experience challenges, growth, and adventure. For this reason, you decided to come to Earth and chose to forget your infinite power and intelligence to make life on earth interesting. You knew that living a physical life with limited intelligence will make the sun, moon, stars, and everything in the universe appear miraculous.

However, you also knew that living in the physical world without knowing your true nature will make life too challenging and stressful. Therefore, you gave yourself the ability to remember your true self.

You decided what you will come to do in the physical world, and you chose the conditions that will enable you to live your life’s purpose. These conditions might be poverty, riches, beauty, or ugliness. Although you might now think some of them are unpleasant conditions, they are meant to awaken the forces – within you – that will help you live your life’s purpose.

Before you were born, you knew all the difficulties you would face in the physical world, but you realized that you would overcome them because you knew nothing earthly could be too difficult for you. You trusted your divinity and knew your infinite power would help you overcome any hurdle.

Now you find it difficult to remember who you truly are because you are enmeshed in the illusion of physical life. You have believed physical life is all that is and spiritual ideas such as divinity and an infinite self are delusions.

If you don’t commit to the spiritual path, you will discover your true nature only when you leave the physical body. You’ll wonder why you never bothered to discover your true nature while in the physical realm. You’ll wonder why material possessions and egoic desires blinded you to your true self, and you’ll wish to return to planet Earth to experience physical life while conscious of your true nature.

However, you’ll also realize that, once you are born into the physical world, you’ll only remember your divinity when you commit to spiritual practice. This realization might discourage you from returning to Earth. But who knows? Maybe you will get bored with infinity again and decide to return to earth to experience limitations once more.

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