How the Illuminati/Elite Tricked You into Buying Useless Things

Last Updated on September 26, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

Since the industrial revolution, the Illuminati/Elite owned most of the world’s largest corporations and they strived to make the masses buy products from them. They devised effective methods of attracting the masses to these companies in the 21st century.

They discovered the power of associating their products with famous individuals. They used celebrities to advertise their products and people started buying products not because they needed them, but because they wanted to be seen with them.

The elite then popularized the idea that certain products raised an individual’s status, encouraging several people to buy them even when they didn’t need them. People bought diamond watches, Gucci shoes, and Louis Vuitton bags to increase social status.

The Illuminati then introduced fashion and popularized the idea that the most important individuals in the society were those who bought fashionable products. They then used celebrities to popularize particular fashions during particular periods. They ensured the fashionable products got outdated quickly so that people disposed them of – even when they were still useful – to purchase trendy fashionable goods.

These strategies resulted in several people becoming obsessed with the idea that their material possessions determined their social status, and for this reason, they kept buying useless things just to attain a higher social status. Many people started preferring non-durable products over durable ones just because they were fashionable, and they kept buying products to keep up with the latest trend.

The elite’s strategy is still working today because most of us still purchase useless products to boost our social status.  For instance, although we need a 32-inch TV set, we buy a 70-inch TV set because we want to boost our social status. We buy expensive and useless products despite being aware of the presence of cheap products with similar properties. We then resale the expensive products at a low price so that we buy more fashionable products and raise our social status.

Although we think we are boosting our social status with these things, we are mainly wasting our money and filling the pockets of the elite, who seldom care about the stuff they sell to us. The elite mostly care about awakening their psychic powers and abilities. They usually spend their money on uncovering hidden esoteric teachings and artifacts that enlighten them about our true origin and spiritual power.

It’s time we stopped buying some products just because we want to boost our social status. We must spend our money on personal development, traveling, and having fun with the people we love, instead of wasting it on useless stuff.

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