how to quit masturbation

How To Quit Masturbation

Last Updated on November 16, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

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I have struggled with masturbation for many years. I tried quitting but I kept relapsing even after attempting to implement popularized methods of quitting such as meditating, limiting alone time, support groups and exercising. After several unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to quit masturbation after discovering a tactic that worked for me.

I purchased over thirty books discouraging masturbation and promoting semen retention. These books include “Why You Should Never Masturbate” by David Baldwin, “Quit Porn and Get Rich” by Martin Prescott, “The Coiled Serpent” by C.J Van Vliet, “Bliss Of The Celibate” by Julian Lee and a “A History of Celibacy” by Elizabeth Abbott.

I spent all my time reading these books and they enabled me to quit masturbation and embrace semen retention in two ways. Firstly, they discussed the disastrous impacts of masturbation, many of which I had experienced.

For instance, in “A History of Celibacy,” Elizabeth Abbott writes, “Brahmacharya literature also includes alarming passages describing the fifteen to thirty symptoms the semen-deficient may suffer: drooping posture, averted eyes, constant perspiration, irritability, sunken eyes, restlessness, gum disease, halitosis, tooth decay, drug and alcohol addiction, a habit of chewing on pencils, chalk, dirt, and paper, memory loss, depression, dull wits, mental anguish, and dementia.”

Constantly reading these negative impacts of masturbation made it easier for me to quit. I thought about these effects whenever I felt the urge to masturbate and it became easier to build self-control.

The fact that I had experienced some of the side effects mentioned in the books intensified my fear of masturbation. I realized that I would experience more of them if I didn’t quit the destructive habit.

Secondly, reading the spiritual benefits of semen retention every day encouraged me to quit masturbation because I want to grow spiritually.

C.J Van Vliet, in his book “The Coiled Serpent” writes, “the first step towards giving supremacy to the spirit is to master the sexual urge.” Sri Swami Sivananda, in “Practice of Brahmacharya” writes, “Awaken then your hidden faculties, potential energies of all descriptions, through celibacy and attain God-consciousness quickly and get over the miseries of this mundane life with its concomitant evils of birth, death, and sorrow.”

My eagerness to experience such benefits of celibacy forced me to quit masturbation for good. I also felt guilty when I wanted to masturbate because I knew that I was hindering spiritual growth.

Therefore, I believe you can quit masturbation by consistently reading about its side-effects and the benefits of semen retention. This tactic will create an unconscious desire to quit and sometimes it might result in failure to get an erection when masturbating. You must also quit porn to make the tactic super-effective.

Good luck on your semen retention journey.


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