Is Life Boring After Quitting Weed and Alcohol

Is Life Boring After Quitting Weed and Alcohol

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

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I used to think that life will be boring if I quit drinking alcohol and smoking weed. I used to believe that sober people seldom enjoyed life. I wondered whether I will enjoy video games, movies, and documentaries after getting sober. This negative perception of sobriety was the major reason why I hesitated to quit weed and alcohol.

Now that I am eight weeks sober, I have realized that life is only boring – after quitting drugs – when you choose to make it boring. There are many things – I realized – that sober people can do to avoid getting bored. You can learn a new language, lift weights, learn karate or boxing, take nature walks, meditate, read books, work more, and spend more time with family and friends.

You’ll find life more interesting after quitting weed and alcohol if you find your purpose, chase your dream, or commit to your career. You’ll be so obsessed with overcoming challenges, improving your skills, and visualizing success. The feeling you’ll experience while pursuing your dream or committing to your career while sober will surpass the euphoric feeling you experienced when drinking or smoking.

I am seldom bored, even after quitting weed because my dream of earning millions from my blogs keeps me writing and reading most of my time. I am more obsessed with this dream after becoming sober because my writing skills and ability to remember what I read have improved. I believe I will soon live my dream life if I commit to my dream while sober. This experience has enabled me to realize that life is not boring after quitting weed. I’ve found that it is amazing if you find something good to focus on.

Anyway, you’ll also be more present and creative, and you’ll always make decisions that will improve your life quality after quitting. Your sleep quality will improve, and you’ll always feel fresh throughout the day. You’ll save more money and buy the things you always wanted but couldn’t buy because you spent all your money on weed and alcohol. Besides, the excitement you’ll experience after realizing that quitting enables you to save more, makes you look younger and boosts your productivity, will make life more fulfilling. You’ll never want to smoke or drink again. You’ll start avoiding friends who drink or smoke because you’ll know they’ll make you relapse.

I am now eight weeks sober. Weed and alcohol were my best friends for years, but I have now realized that they prevented me from living a better life. I have noticed that they made my life more boring. They resulted in a life without progress and worsened my depressive symptoms. I am now healed from depression because I face my problems head-on. I don’t escape them anymore. Life is now better.

Cut-down on smoking and drinking, my brothers and sisters, and your lives will be much better.


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