why you must reclaim your dignity

Why You Must Reclaim Your Dignity

Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

“We only attract what we feel worthy of.” – Antony Roberts, Beyond Positive Thinking

Most of us think only the good-looking, talented, rich, and famous deserve a sense of dignity. We are unaware that this belief is bad because it results in disrespect, low self-esteem, and failure to achieve big things.

The truth is, no one will respect you if you think you don’t deserve respect because people love to respect individuals with high self-esteem.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you firmly believe that you are worthless and you don’t deserve to be treated with respect because you are not rich, famous, or good-looking, people will mistreat you. You must internalize the fact that dignity knows no socioeconomic status as it is not defined by external markers of success or societal approval.

You should never feel inferior just because you lack money, trendy items, or other things the society thinks you must have. Always feel worthy in spite of your current circumstances.

Realize that you are a child of the Higher Power that created the universe and you can connect with it and do the unimaginable. Know that you are a divine being with powerful thought forces that can enable you to achieve your wildest dreams. Most importantly, know that on a biological and spiritual level, no one is more important than you: some people only seem to be more important than you because you use external markers such as beauty, riches, and fame to rate their importance.

If you feel worthless, you’ll attract people who feel worthless. Specifically, you’ll attract people with a victim mentality, people who don’t believe in themselves, and people who believe obstacles are meant to punish them. It will be hard for you to take risks or indulge in activities that require self-confidence if such people surround you.

If you reclaim your dignity and feel worthy, you’ll attract people who respect themselves, believe in themselves, and encourage you to exploit your full potential. These people will also recognize your worth, resulting in a profound sense of fulfilment. You’ll feel lucky to be alive because you will develop a positive self-image and a positive attitude towards life.

Moreover, if you reclaim your dignity, you’ll never care what people say or think about you because you’ll have high self-esteem, and you’ll believe in your ability to do anything without seeking approval. Whatever people will say, either negative or positive, won’t matter because you’ll realize that your worth comes from within. This new-found sense of freedom will encourage you to live a life that is in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

Therefore, reclaim your dignity and believe you deserve respect regardless of your looks or social status. Find and celebrate your strengths and accomplishments no matter how small they appear. Challenge self-limiting narratives and the negative beliefs that make you feel worthless. Read books that increase your feeling of self-worth and remind yourself that you deserve respect just because you are alive.

Realize that dignity is a universal birthright, and for this reason, every individual on this planet deserves respect and recognition. Respect yourself and command respect, knowing that your sense of worth emanates from within.

Reclaim your dignity and never settle for anything less than the respect you believe you deserve. If you do so, you’ll live a better life characterized by self-confidence, reliable friends, authenticity, and a steadfast focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses. You’ll overcome all challenges, undeterred by doubts or insecurities, and you’ll build an aura that attracts positive energies and opportunities towards you.


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  1. Spot on. Society tends to treat you how you treat yourself. The cat that keeps clean is let into the house by the same farmer that keeps the pig in the pens. Yoruba proverb 🙂

    • That’s true. And I love the proverb.it has a nice message despite being funny, haha..
      Anyway, the society is the reflection of who you are..
      If you feel worthless, people will treat you like a worthless indivdiual

    • True, every individual’s dignity is the foundation of human rights. The fact that people respect themselves forces states to formulate a number of human rights that protect their citizens.