Six Powerful Spiritual Teachings From Osho’s Book:God’s Got A Thing About You

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Osho’s Book, God’s Got A Thing About You, is a dialogue between a master and his disciple. The disciple asks his master many spiritual questions, which the master answers wisely.

The master’s answers contain wonderful pearls of wisdom about God, the ego, anxiety, dealing with negativity, and so on.

Here are 6 wonderful teachings from the Book

1.Our World Brightens When We Discover Our Light

Everything in the universe is made of light because matter is condensed light. Osho teaches that our world brightens when we discover this light because we will start perceiving everything, including hardships, as a good and necessary part of our existence.

2.Work On Your Inner Self and External Conditions Will Work In Your Favour

Never become too concerned with external conditions because you don’t possess the power to completely change them. Instead, put all your energy into the inner journey, and what you want will come to you.

As Jesus puts it, ‘seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be given unto you.’ When asked where the kingdom of God is, Jesus said, ‘it is within you.’ Jesus also knew that working on your inner self heals your external conditions.

3.How to deal with negative thoughts

The best way to deal with negative thoughts is to watch them and allow yourself to feel negative. Don’t identify with them because doing so intensifies them. Realize that these thoughts have nothing to do with you, and you will be peaceful.

4.Self-acceptance leads to creativity

Self-acceptance makes you thankful and glad to be alive, making you highly creative because creativity arises from gratitude and gladness. Moreover, self-acceptance results in good mental health: hence, increasing your creative abilities. For this reason, we should practice self-acceptance by loving everything about ourselves.

5.Negativity Is a Sign of Growth

A negative state of mind proves that you are growing. If you are constantly positive, and you have nothing to worry about, then you are not growing.

Everyone that grows faces obstacles, which usually lead to negativity. Even rivers have to pass around mountains and rocks before they reach the ocean.

6.All people are just like you

If you keenly observe your family, friends, and neighbors, you will realize that everybody is just like you. Everybody has problems, everybody is anxious, and everybody is afraid of taking risks. For this reason, there is nothing abnormal about your fears, doubts, and anxieties because everybody is experiencing them.


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