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Who Created God?

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Many people who try to answer the question “Who created God?” are unaware that it is almost impossible for the finite to understand the infinite.

Our ability to fully understand God/the Infinite is limited by physicality. When spirit becomes physical, it loses its ability to know everything. Thus, we can only understand the infinite when death or spiritual practice frees us from the physical body.

Failing to answer the question, ‘Who Created God?’ does not imply that God does not exist. There are many questions – about things that exist – we cannot answer, and failure to answer them does not eradicate their existence.

Both atheists and believers cannot give a detailed and accurate answer – that lacks assumptions – to the questions, Where did the sun come from? How was air created? Where did the moon come from? Failure to provide accurate answers to these questions does not imply that the sun, moon, or air do not exist. It just shows that there are several things in the physical world that the finite mind cannot understand.

If you study spirituality, you’ll realize that the mind cannot comprehend omnipresence when deeply engrossed in the physical body and covered by layers of egoism and ignorance. The mind will only understand omnipresence only when it is freed from all the elements of physicality by death or spiritual practice.

People who can answer the question, Who created God? do not waste their time trying to explain the answer because they understand that the level of consciousness of those asking the question prevents them from understanding the answer. They know that ‘the lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding.’

Can you give a detailed answer to a six-year-old child who asks you how food turns into poop? Will you explain the process of digestion to them or will you ignore the question? Mostly, you will ignore the question or give an answer that matches the child’s level of understanding.

Anyway, the fact that nature seems to be designed to work in a specific manner is adequate proof that God exists. We don’t need any other evidence, and we don’t need to answer the question, ‘Who Created God?’ The next time an ignorant atheist asks you this question, you must also ask him to give you an accurate answer – not based on theory or assumptions – that explains when and how the moon was created. I promise you that he won’t give you a good answer. And if he insists that he knows how the moon was made, ask him to create another moon.

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