Spirituality, the Latest Excuse for Laziness

Spirituality, the Latest Excuse for Laziness

Last Updated on June 15, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘Notice how industrious/hardworking a successful man in the world is. The goodwill/spiritual worker should be equally industrious as he.’ – Dr. Parvathi Kumar, Teachings of Master Koot Humi

Recently, I discovered that some people are embracing spirituality because they believe it will enable them to get what they want without working hard.  These individuals believe they can become successful by performing spiritual practices.

As well, they believe performing such practices will make life easier and enable them to achieve their goals easily. They thus focus so much on their spiritual development that they forget to take the action needed in order for them to get what they want.

For this reason, they spend a large part of their time meditating, praying, doing yoga, and studying spirituality. Some of them even live in sacred places of worship believing that God will reward their spiritual effort with material possessions.

These individuals believe in principles such as ‘believe you have received and you will receive’ and they seldom work hard because they spend a large part of their time visualizing success and believing that they already have whatever they want. They embrace righteousness believing that God will bless them abundantly for being righteous.

If you are one of these individuals and you want to achieve success, please work hard because one thing I’ve learned after studying successful people is that they are hard workers. It’s their hard work, and not prayer, meditation, or any other spiritual practice, that was responsible for their success.

I am not encouraging you to abandon spiritual practices because I practice them and I know they are beneficial to the mind, soul, and spirit. I just want you to realize that hard work is king in getting what you want. 

Spiritual practices will make it easy for you to achieve your goals because they lead to a calm mind, and they encourage the Creator and other spiritual forces to guide you towards what you want. However, massive action is the main factor that will bring your desires to your doorstep.

In conclusion, as spiritual enthusiasts who want to enjoy abundance in the physical universe, we must always remember that although prayer, meditation, and studying spirituality are important factors on our journey to success, hard work is the most crucial.

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