The Dangers of Not Forgiving: The Wisdom of Hidden Christian Teachings

The Dangers of Not Forgiving: The Wisdom of Hidden Christian Teachings

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If a person doesn’t completely forgive someone for a perceived transgression, they cannot fully appreciate or truly enjoy their present life situation. Once they have chosen to hold on these stories, they unconsciously keep the negative charges associated with their painful past alive (Jerry Alan: The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism Vol 1).


I’m madly in love with Jerry Alan’s book, The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism (Vol. 1). The book has many hidden Christian teachings that are never taught in the modern church. It enlightens readers about divine healing, divine energy, the body of light, churchianity, spiritual dimensions, the Apocrypha, and many other intriguing spiritual teachings.

I loved all the book’s teachings but I loved the teachings about forgiveness the most.

Jerry Alan’s Teachings

It’s impossible to fully enjoy the present moment if you don’t forgive because you’ll hold on to hurtful stories that attract negative thoughts that ‘haunt your heart and mind.’

The lack of forgiveness results in ‘survival-based thought-form patterns’ that eventually develop into suppressed painful memories. These memories become charged when you face bad experiences and erupt violently when triggered.

Besides this, the failure to forgive results in negative energy fields that can have various negative effects on you, and you might ‘become embittered and stuck in a chronic grieving angry energetic feedback loop, which is usually very difficult to break free from (Jerry Alan: The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism).

Discussions & Conclusions

Jerry Alan’s teachings on forgiveness changed my thoughts on forgiveness. In the article, Forgiveness is Overrated; I wrote that it’s okay to not forgive. However, I now know that it’s not okay to not forgive because an unforgiving heart makes peace of mind impossible.

If you don’t forgive, you’ll never stop thinking about the person who hurt you and how he hurt you. You’ll then become vulnerable to hatred, competition, and envy, making it impossible to access higher consciousness and have peak experiences.

For this reason, we must embrace Jerry Alan’s teachings by forgiving those who hurt us. We can use forgiveness meditation practices to overcome painful memories and embrace forgiveness. By doing so, it will be easier for us to find peace of mind, which usually paves the way to peak experiences or higher states of consciousness.


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