The Era of Anxiety and the Destruction of Intuition

The Era of Anxiety and the Destruction of Intuition

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The modern society encourages people to focus so much on the future, leading to high anxiety levels. Jobs, exams, social media, and many other modern factors make us extremely anxious about the future. We worry if we’ll maintain our jobs, pay rent, raise successful kids, or pass our exams. We compare ourselves with our social media ‘friends’ and worry if we’ll ever have a better lifestyle than them.

The avoidance of spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, has also increased anxiety levels in the modern era. Many studies reveal that prayer and meditation calm the mind. For this reason, avoiding these practices has resulted in a chaotic mind that continuously worries about everything, paving the way for chronic anxiety.

Chronic anxiety kills humanity’s most reliable source of knowledge and discoveries: our intuition.

Intuition is our connection to Infinite Intelligence. Osho, The Indian Godman, defined it as ‘the highest rung of the ladder of consciousness.’ Intuition allows people to know things without reasoning.  As Robert Graves, the historical novelist, pointed it out, ‘Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine process of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.’ You can understand everything about the universe if you tap into your intuition.

Intuition mainly awakens when we focus on the present moment because Infinite Intelligence exists in the present moment. Being present, as Penney Pierce noticed, ‘awakens our intuitive abilities because our spirit, mind, and body become aligned when we are in the present moment.’ For this reason, anxiety kills intuition because it makes us focus on the future.

Primarily, anxiety kills intuition because it prevents us from listening to our intuitive voice. Our intuition is always talking to us, but we can’t hear it since we are always anxious about a future outcome.

The more anxious we are, the less intuitive we become.

The ancients were highly intuitive because they lived in the present moment. They seldom worried about the future because they knew their gods would take care of it.

Conversely, we are concerned about everything that might happen in the future, and for this reason, we have become extremely anxious. The high anxiety levels have killed our intuitive abilities and forced us to rely on intellectual knowledge to navigate through life, resulting in lives not well-lived.


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  1. It is kind of a conundrum. Because the more anxious you feel, the harder it will be to meditate or breathe deeply and thus, be able to connect to your intuition. But if you persist, you might find that your anxiety lessens and room is made for intuitive guidance. Good points about how destructive anxiety is.