The Era of the Ego and the Destruction of Intuition (Intuition Part 2)

The Era of the Ego and the Destruction of Intuition (Intuition Part 2)

Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Ego is a feeling of importance: it encourages self-centeredness and pride, and it loves seeking approval. It also reinforces feelings of inferiority and a sense of lack.

We live in an era of the surface self/ego. Our society amplifies the ego by promoting materialism, individuality, and feelings of self-importance: it deceives the masses into thinking that they can only attain happiness when they become rich and famous. It also strengthens the ego by making people focus on competition and comparing themselves to others.

The modern society fortifies our egos by making us identify ourselves with our achievements and material wealth. It encourages people to believe that their certificates, job titles, cars, and houses determine their self-worth. For this reason, most of us have become self-obsessed because we think life revolves around us.

We have let the ego control us without realizing its disastrous effects. The ego impedes creativity, increases our chances of failure, and prevents us from establishing good relationships. Primarily, it’s harmful to us because it kills intuition. (I fully described the meaning of intuition in the article, The Era of Anxiety and the Destruction of Intuition).

Intuition, as Albert Einstein pointed it out, ‘is a sacred-gift.’ It leads to better decision-making, improves mental well-being, and boosts creativity. It enables us to identify with our true purpose and allows us to know everything we need to know.

Our intuitive abilities awaken when we are connected to the higher-self. The ego disconnects us from our higher-self by leading to an obession with the outer world; hence, making us less intuitive.

We connect to the higher-self when we are loving and generous, but the ego prevents this connection by promoting competition, which causes jealousy, hate, and selfishness.

The ego also kills intuition by making too much noise in our heads. It makes us think continuously about our self-image and material possessions. It worries, judges, and it’s obsessed with thinking about others. The ego thus limits intuition by preventing us from having a clear and relaxed mind, which is necessary for the awakening of our intuitive abilities.

Therefore, the ego is an enemy of intuition. You must learn to transcend it if you want to awaken your intuitive abilities. Embrace humility, and strive to connect with your higher-self instead of the surface self, and you’ll awaken your most reliable source of knowledge and wisdom.

“The constant chatter of the ego and analytical mind creates so much mental noise that we can’t hear the inner guiding voice of our higher-self.’ – Jeff,The Multidimensional Self: The Soul, Oversoul, and the Beyond


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