The Hidden Knowledge Behind Blood Sacrifice: Animal and Human Sacrifice

The Hidden Knowledge Behind Blood Sacrifice: Animal and Human Sacrifice

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 ‘For the life of the flesh is in the blood.’ – Leviticus 17:11

All ancient cultures/religions offered blood sacrifices to their deities. Ancient Africans, Greeks, Aztecs, Indians, Christians, Muslims, and so on believed blood sacrifices had a powerful effect on deities and they offered their best animals to them. Some cultures such as the Aztecs offered human sacrifices.

Besides ancient cultures, modern occultists offer sacrifices to spiritual entities, and there are several accounts – across the globe – of people sacrificing their most beloved family members to demonic entities.

In Mombasa, Kenya, several people have witnessed occultists sacrificing animals to ocean deities.

The fact that ancient cultures, members of major religions, and modern occultists offer/ed blood sacrifices made me realize that blood sacrifices are not based on superstition but are founded on instinctual knowledge that is hidden from the public. I thus studied and meditated on blood sacrifices, and I discovered the hidden knowledge behind this practice.

I realized that blood is our life force because it performs crucial functions in the body. Without blood, we die. Blood transports nutrients and oxygen to tissues, regulates body temperature, and transports antibodies that fight infections. In ancient Chinese spirituality, blood was referred to as a denser form of Qi (Vital Life Force). The ancient Chinese knew that blood is the material form of the life force present in all living things.

Since blood is the material form of the universal life-force, it was/is offered to deities to enable them to materialize and influence the material world. Without blood, it is difficult for many spiritual beings to influence the material world because they won’t be able to materialize for long. This explains why the ancients offered blood to their gods during drought, war, or any catastrophe. The blood offered to these deities enabled them to materialize and influence the activities of the physical world by bringing rain, peace, or any good thing the ancients wanted.

Extensive research on spiritual entities shows that they love the physical world, and are blood-hungry because this material life form (blood) enables them to easily operate in the physical world. This explains why former Satanists usually claim that – when they were Satanists – satanic entities demanded blood sacrifices. Blood enables these entities to operate as physical beings – in the physical world – for a longer period.

For as Andrew Hennessy – in his article The Reptilian Blood Legacy -writes ‘the Elite Priestess or ‘Mother Goddess’ in the hierarchy who performed rituals for the brotherhood at the highest level, told me that without human blood the reptilians/satanic entities cannot survive in this dimension.

One thing I also realized is that blood sacrifices have a powerful effect on spiritual entities if individuals sacrifice a human or animal that they have a strong emotional connection with. This is why people sacrifice their best animals or most loved family members. The powerful emotions released when the most loved animal or family member dies enables spiritual entities to easily materialize in the physical universe because emotions play a huge role in creating physical reality.

Blood sacrifices were thus a powerful practice founded on biological and spiritual knowledge. Individuals who conducted blood sacrifices knew the importance of blood in our bodies, the fact that it represents the life-force energy, and its importance to spiritual entities. They didn’t offer blood sacrifices to the gods because they were primitive or superstitious: they offered them because they were awakened children of light.

Anyway, what do you think about the act of blood sacrifice? Does this article make sense to you?

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