The Hidden Meaning of the Fall of Adam and Eve

The Hidden Meaning of the Fall of Adam and Eve

Last Updated on October 4, 2021 by The Unbounded Thinker

As I was thinking about the story of Adam and Eve while in an altered state of consciousness, I realized that it symbolized the rise of the ego and the loss of a higher state of consciousness. I then did a little research on the story, and I was surprised that many bloggers support my idea.

For instance, Bryce Haymond writes, ‘I think the nature of the development of the ego-self in our consciousness is what is being symbolized in the story of Adam and Eve.’ Besides Haymond, Joshua Tilghman writes ‘as the story goes, Eve is tempted by the serpent (EGO), and because the ego took over the driver’s seat of man’s soul, Paradise lost became man’s reality.’

I firmly believe that ancient people dwelled in a higher state of consciousness because their minds were uncorrupted: this state of consciousness freed them from suffering and enabled direct communication with God. Human beings then descended into egoic-consciousness, which led to suffering.

The Fall of Adam and Eve symbolized this descent. Before eating the fruit, Adam and Eve lived in God’s heavenly garden and communicated directly with ‘Him.’ However, after eating the fruit, egoic-consciousness developed within them, and God chased them from his garden and told them that they would suffer.

The ancients used this story to show us how identifying with the ego separates us from Infinite Intelligence/God, leading to suffering.

Therefore, the modern society is suffering because of the over-identification with the ego, which has separated us from Infinite Intelligence by preventing us from living a spiritual life. This over-identification has resulted in self-centeredness and an exaggerated sense of arrogance. It has also led to high levels of envy, hatred, competition, greed, anxiety, and fear. As well, it has encouraged people to kill without caring, destroy nature, and avoid helping the poor.

For this reason, the ego has led to our descent into a lower state of consciousness. This state of consciousness has prevented us from experiencing happiness, and it has led to an obsession with material stuff, causing high levels of depression and anxiety.

In other words, the ego is the mother of suffering.

The society will stop suffering if we go back to the heavenly Garden of Eden by transcending egotistic consciousness. This transcendence will eliminate suffering because it will allow Infinite Intelligence to express its Infinite Power, Intelligence, and Greatness through us.


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  1. Couldn’t have been put to better words than this …ego is one ofothe major root cause of all our problems and not unless we shun it and surrender to the power above,we will never enjoy the abundance and the fullness of life that God offers to us.
    Thanks for sharing this.