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The Hidden Meaning of the Fall of Adam and Eve



The Hidden Meaning of the Fall of Adam and Eve

As I was thinking about The Fall of Adam and Eve while in an altered state of consciousness, I realized that it symbolized the rise of the ego and the loss of a higher state of consciousness. I then researched if I was right, and I was surprised that many bloggers support my idea.

For instance, Bryce Haymond writes, ‘I think the nature of the development of the ego-self in our consciousness is what is being symbolized in the story of Adam and Eve.’ Besides Haymond, Joshua Tilghman writes ‘as the story goes, Eve is tempted by the serpent (EGO), and because the ego took over the driver’s seat of man’s soul, Paradise lost became man’s reality.’

I firmly believe ancient people dwelled in a higher state of consciousness because their minds were uncorrupted: this state of consciousness freed them from suffering and enabled them to directly commune with the God (This is why the Quran, Bible, and the Ancient African Religions claimed some people communicated directly with God). Human beings then descended into the egoic-consciousness, which led to suffering.

The Fall of Adam and Eve symbolized this descent. Before eating the fruit, Adam and Eve lived in God’s heavenly garden and directly communicated with ‘Him.’ However, after eating the fruit, the egoic-consciousness developed within them, and God chased them from his garden and told them that they will suffer.

The ancients used this story to inform us how identifying with the ego separates us from Infinite Intelligence/God hence leading to suffering.

Therefore, the modern society is suffering because of the over-identification with the ego, which has separated us from Infinite Intelligence by preventing us from living a spiritual life. This over-identification has resulted in self-centeredness and an exaggerated sense of arrogance. It has also led to high levels of envy, hatred, competition, greed, anxiety, and fear. Also, it has made people kill without caring, destroy nature, and avoid helping the poor.

The ego has thus led to our descent into a lower state of consciousness that prevents us from directly communicating with, and experiencing Infinite Intelligence. This state of consciousness has killed our creativity, intuition, and our ability to experience happiness. Moreover, it has led to the obsession with material stuff hence causing high levels of depression and anxiety.

All the effects of the ego have led to suffering.

The society will stop suffering if we go back to the heavenly Garden of Eden by transcending the egotistic consciousness. This transcendence will eliminate suffering because it will allow Infinite Intelligence to express its Infinite Power, Intelligence, and Greatness through us.


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  1. Purity

    July 26, 2019 at 8:59 am

    Couldn’t have been put to better words than this …ego is one ofothe major root cause of all our problems and not unless we shun it and surrender to the power above,we will never enjoy the abundance and the fullness of life that God offers to us.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Karen Sammer

    July 27, 2019 at 12:40 am

    Thank you for the enlightenment…very interesting.

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Life is Hard Because Virtue is Dead



Life is Hard Because Virtue is Dead

Since antiquity, great individuals such as Jesus, Muhammad, Socrates, Pythagoras, Epictetus, and Benjamin Franklin, advised their followers to be virtuous. According to them, being virtuous makes life easier or better.

I used to doubt this idea about virtue. However, after observing life in the modern society, I discovered that modern life is hard because people are unvirtuous. I realized that life could have been so wonderful if everyone embraced virtue by adopting qualities such as gentleness, self-discipline, courage, wisdom, kindness, perseverance, patience, love, contentment, and benevolence.

For instance, no one could be poor if we were all loving because we could have committed ourselves to helping each other. Politicians and capitalists could have avoided taking more than enough, and they could have given part of their wealth or profits to the poor.

N/B  – The world has enough resources for everyone. Things only appear scarce because some individuals took more than enough. They are too selfish to share, and they don’t care about the poor. In other words, they are unvirtuous.

Anyway, there could be no wars if people embraced the virtue of contentment. Throughout history, many wars occurred because of greed. Many people were killed because some countries wanted more than enough, and they used war to force other nations to surrender their resources to them.

Other than that, jealousy, hatred, and malice could never exist if we all embraced the virtue of benevolence: we could have been happy for other people’s success and we could have helped our relatives, friends, and neighbors build success instead of trying to pull them down.

In addition, people could never be stressed about the future if we all embraced the virtue of courage because it could have made us embrace change/uncertainty.

In summary, life would be so easy and sweet if everybody embraced virtue. We could have created heaven on earth. Suffering would end and life would stop appearing hard because we would have been willing to help each other overcome problems. Mental complications such as depression and anxiety would never exist because virtue eradicates factors such as competition, the need to appear better than others, the need to compare ourselves with others, and worrying about what other people think.

We could have seen the beauty of life, and for this reason, we could have spent most of our time praising the Creator for bringing us into an amazing world.

Therefore, life is not hard folks. We are making it hard by ignoring virtue, which is the key to an easy life.

Lastly, never curse your existence because you think life is hard. Instead, be thankful for life and embrace virtue because even if it will not make life easier for everyone, it will make your life easier. You’ll create a heaven for you and those around you.


Thanks for Reading

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Is Dreaming Meaningless? Taking a Deeper Look into Dreams



Is Dreaming Meaningless? Taking a Deeper Look into Dreams

For years, mainstream science has lied to us about dreams by informing us that dreams are meaningless. For this reason, most of us never try interpreting our dreams to find their deeper meaning.

I used to believe this scientific viewpoint of dreams. However, I doubted it after deeply analyzing my dreams.

While analyzing my dreams, I noticed that my dreams felt so real that sometimes I couldn’t know that I was dreaming. Besides, I realized that some of my dreams were prophetic because sometimes I dreamt about a situation that I would later experience in real life. As well, I noticed that I had bad dreams when stressed, and good dreams when I was happy with my life.

These realizations enlightened me that dreams are not meaningless as scientists claim because nothing meaningless can neither be prophetic nor can it have the ability to reflect emotions. Furthermore, feeling as if I was experiencing a real experience while dreaming encouraged me to believe that dreams had an importance that most of us don’t know.

I thus decided to study dreaming deeply, and I realized that many ancient people believed dreams were powerful. Most cultures believed dreams connect us to a spiritual reality, and therefore, we are always in the spiritual realm when we dream.

At the same time, some ancient cultures, e.g. the Egyptian and Mexican cultures, believed dreams provide us with coded messages from powerful spiritual entities. These cultures took dreams so seriously that they established schools specialized in dream interpretation.

Besides ancient cultures, I discovered that modern religions believe dreams are meaningful. For instance, Christian leaders preach that God speaks to us through dreams, and they use the story of Joseph to prove that dreams are messages from God. Also, Muslims believe dreams are important, and they believe some dreams come from the devil while others come from the ego.

Furthermore, many famous psychologists of the 19th century believed dreams were important. For instance, Carl Jung, a well-known psychologist, believed in the importance of dreams for as he wrote, ‘we have forgotten that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.’

In addition, he also believed that ‘dreams are a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends.’

Having said that, does it make sense that dreams are meaningless as mainstream scientists claim? Did ancient cultures, modern religions and psychologists guess the importance of dreams, or did they notice that dreams were important after studying them?

Anyway, I believe dreams are important, and the Illuminati, through mainstream science, deceived us about dreams because it didn’t want us to gain spiritual insights – from dreams – that can lead to a spiritual awakening.

The Illuminati usually strives to make everything meaningless since it doesn’t want us to ponder the magical mysteries of the universe that would lead to spiritual and mental growth. Therefore, one way to impede spiritual growth was to lie to us about dreams through mainstream science.

The good thing is that we are now awakening to the truth, and we’ll study and meditate on dreams until we understand the spiritual secrets within them that will help us awaken to our true spiritual nature, know the infinite possibilities of the physical world, and rise above the corrupt system of the Illuminati.

Thanks for reading. Peace be with you.

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