The Power of Trusting Life

The Power of Trusting Life

Last Updated on June 28, 2021 by The Unbounded Thinker

N/B – You are free to replace the word ‘life’ with God/Universe/Allah or whatever you think created and controls the world.

Experiencing seasons of hardships has enabled me to realize the following benefits of trusting life/God/Universe.

  • Trust Leads to a Calm Mind

If you believe that things will eventually work in your favor and life will take care of your problems, you’ll stop overthinking or worrying about the future because you’ll live in the present moment. You’ll stop trying to figure out how the future will unfold because you’ll believe everything will happen for your good. Thus, you’ll achieve a calm state of mind, which will boost your creative abilities and allow you to hear your intuitive voice.

  • Trust Makes you Open to Change

You become less resistant to change when you believe that life is arranging things in your favor. You’ll welcome all experiences – whether bad or good – that life gives you because trusting life will make you believe that whatever is happening is happening for your good. You’ll easily embrace changes such as being transferred to a work environment you hate, losing your job or romantic partner, etc. because you’ll know that everything happens for the good.

  • You’ll Be Motivated to Work Towards Your Goals during Hard Times

It’s easier to work on your goals when things are going well, but it is difficult to work when everything goes wrong. Trusting life enables you to work regardless of what is happening in your life. Knowing that life is arranging things in your favor encourages you to wake up and work towards your goals even when circumstances are discouraging

Most of us – spiritual enthusiasts – are aware of these benefits of trust. However, we only trust life when things are going well. When things don’t go our way, we usually succumb to worry and anxiety. We end up believing that life is unfair to us.

The secret to trust is affirmations and studying the laws of nature. Affirm every day that you trust life, and you’ll eventually trust life because the affirmation will reprogram your subconscious mind and prevent you from succumbing to negativity when your life circumstances change.

You can study the laws of nature by watching nature documentaries. A major law of nature you’ll realize while studying nature is that seasons of hardships are usually followed by seasons of abundance. You’ll also notice that suffering is designed to be temporary. Such realizations will encourage you to be positive during hard times: hence, building your trust in life.

I believe there are many other ways of building trust, which you can embrace. However, I believe these are the easiest and the most reliable ways.

I hope my article helped.

Thanks for reading, and may peace be with you


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