What Nature Teaches Us about Hard Times and Good Times

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I am a great fan of wildlife documentaries – especially those produced by Sir David Attenborough– because they teach me a lot about life.

Last week as I was watching a documentary about The Great Savannah, I learned something valuable about difficult times and good times.

From the documentary, I discovered that both hard and good times are part of life. What I mainly realized was that hard times come to an end, and they are never that hard because there is always something to keep us going during these times. The Creator never takes everything away during difficult times because he needs our survival since he expresses himself through us.

In the Great Savannah, almost all animals suffer during the dry season because grass dries. Herbivores suffer because they rely on grass: most of them either die or migrate. When the herbivores die or migrate, the carnivores also suffer because their food reduces in great quantities.

Besides grass drying, many waterbodies dry up, making it difficult for animals to find water. The few sources of water left become dangerous places since all animals including buffaloes, lions, and elephants compete for the little water left.

The good thing is that, in this dry season, there is some food and water – even though little – that enables animals to survive. All animals in the Savannah could have died if the dry season wiped out everything. The Creator cannot let all animals die because they are his physical expression. For this reason, he ensures that there is some water and grass to ensure survival during the dry season.

Similarly, we must know that there’s always something to keep us going during hard times. The universe never takes everything away during these times.

Anyway, I also realized that when hard times come, they pave the way for the good times. In the Savannah, the dry season causes bushfires that burn dead and old grass to pave the way for the growth of young, greener plants that will feed animals during the wet season.

Nature, therefore, teaches us that difficult times are necessary because they pave the way for good times. In my life, I observed that hard times usually prepare me for good times because they make me see things differently and inspire me to go after what I truly want.

While watching the documentary, I also noticed that the rains usually come when it’s extremely dry. This occurrence teaches us that it’s always darkest before dawn, and for this reason, hitting rock bottom is a sign that the good times are around the corner.

I then noticed that the rainy season brings an excess supply of food and water to the animals in the Savannah. Rivers overflow, grass grows in abundance, and many herbivores give birth during the rainy season, enabling carnivorous animals to enjoy an abundance of easy prey.

Similarly, I realized that when good times come to us humans, the universe usually provides everything in excess that we forget that we once experienced scarcity.

With this in mind, we must persevere in tough times knowing that when they end, the Universe will give us more than enough. It will give us plenty of love, food, money, and everything we need.

By the way, this article is an explanation of natural law. I wrote the article so that you know that hard times are not that hard because the universe always provides us with something to keep us going during these times. Moreover, I wanted you to stop worrying when hard times come because they will end and pave the way for a season of abundance.

To sum up, I wanted you to realize that The Creator is a wonderful spirit that provides for our needs during hard times and ensures that we have more than enough in good times, which will always come.

“The discovery of natural law is a meeting with God.” – Friedrich Dessauer

“Nature is My Bible.” – Isaac Wechuli

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