The Search For The Hidden Knowledge

The Search For The Hidden Knowledge

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Many people today are searching for ‘The Hidden Knowledge’. Authors and vloggers are capitalizing on this search by creating content that claims to expose this knowledge.

This knowledge is believed to be hidden by the Illuminati, and many think it enabled the Illuminati to access their spiritual power, become enlightened, and control the world. Others believe the knowledge enabled ancient civilizations to build complex structures such as the Pyramids. Some people believe finding it will make them superhuman and free them from all their problems.

These beliefs have encouraged people to buy hundreds of books and watch thousands of videos believing they will find The Hidden Knowledge

I have read several books and watched YouTube videos claiming to expose The Hidden Knowledge, and I realized that most authors’ and vloggers’ findings are based on assumptions. None of them is certain that their content exposes the knowledge.

I also discovered that some books and videos that claim to expose this knowledge are written or created by people who do not want you to find it. They confuse you with lies, contradictory information, and theories that do not make sense.

Besides this, I realized that most people who claim to expose The Hidden Knowledge don’t know what they are talking about. They rely on other people’s research and fail to analyze the validity of their findings.

For these reasons, the search for hidden knowledge from books or videos is fruitless.

However, this does not imply that The Hidden Knowledge does not exist. My contemplation on life and research on spirituality enlightened me that some people are hiding knowledge from the public because they don’t want us to know our true power, how to connect with The Creator’s power, and how the universe operates so that they easily control us.

These people control the media and they will never allow this knowledge to be exposed. They will ensure that books or videos that expose the knowledge don’t reach the masses.

I concluded that communicating with Source Energy/your Higher Self/God might be the most reliable way to find The Hidden Knowledge. Pray to it and ask it to reveal to you this hidden knowledge and it shall be revealed to you.

After praying earnestly for hidden knowledge I did not find it but I discovered amazing facts. For instance, I realized that all magic, miracles, and extraordinary factors are based on the knowledge that physical reality is an illusion and therefore, it can be changed by consciousness because consciousness is the only reality.

Anyway, I also believe The Hidden Knowledge can be accessed through reason and contemplation.

If you think deeply about life, you’ll realize that all the answers to the biggest questions are right in front of you. You just have to open your eyes wide by becoming more conscious and you’ll discover several things that have been hidden from you for years.

I know there is powerful, sacred information hidden from us by powerful people, but I know that trying to find it in books, videos, or articles will only lead to confusion. The best approach to finding this knowledge is asking yourself questions, pondering them, and asking Source Energy to give you the answers.

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