The Top 5 Ways To Embrace Patience

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“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Jean Jacques Rousseau   

My research on successful individuals made me realize that they were patient. They worked for a period of 5 to 15 years before achieving success.

It, therefore, dawned on me that I also have to embrace delay whether I like it or not.

However, I realized that embracing delay is hard because I have to work diligently and patiently without getting discouraged, even when my results don’t arrive as early as I expected. This realization encouraged me to meditate on why it’s hard for people to master patience even though it’s a primary key to success.

I thought about patience for a week, and I realized the five ways we/you can be patient

Here are they

1.Stop Wanting to Prove People Wrong

If you want to achieve your goals to prove people wrong, you will become very impatient because you will want things to happen really fast.

I loved proving people wrong, but I ditched this behaviour after realizing that I usually want to progress quickly when I want to use my achievements to prove people wrong.

2.Stop Focusing On the Outcome

It will be impossible for you to be patient if you focus on the result because it might take long to achieve your objectives. For example, if you are a blogger and you are targeting 10,000 visitors per day, you will be impatient, and you might give up if you constantly check your traffic because it might take long before you reach your target.

However, you will embrace patience if you forget about the result and start concentrating on acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

3.Know What Makes You Impatient

To embrace delay, you must know what makes you impatient and avoid it. I avoided competing and comparing myself to others after realizing that these factors make me impatient. It dawned on me that I always feel that my dreams are taking long to come true whenever I compete or compare myself to others.

4.Understand that it Takes Long to Succeed

One of the main reasons I’m patient is that I know that it took approximately 5 to 15 years of hard work for most successful individuals to achieve their wildest dreams. This knowledge makes me realize that it might also take long for me to achieve my dreams, and for this reason, I have to embrace patience.

5.Surround Yourself With Dreamers

My dreamer friends made me a patient individual because I realized that just like me, they are not meeting success quickly despite working hard.


If we wait long enough, we’ll meet success.

Therefore, we must cultivate patience if we want to succeed. We must realize that patience is one of the primary keys to success because it enables us to persevere and achieve our goals. It might be hard to be patient, but it’s not impossible. If some ordinary people succeeded in life because they were patient, why not us?

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