Top 25 Lies You’ve Been Told

Top 25 Lies You’ve Been Told

Last Updated on July 3, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

Contemplating on the system that controls the world today enabled me to realize that we’ve been lied to because it’s easy to control people who don’t know the truth.

Here are the top 25 lies we’ve been told.

  1. Traditional African religion is primitive and superstitious: hence, it’s useless.
  2. Modern organized religion is more effective than ancient spirituality.
  3. Polytheism is false.
  4. Academic education is crucial for our mental growth.
  5. We should believe everything we were taught in school without question.
  6. Adam and Eve were the first human beings.
  7. Chasing dreams is fun and adventurous.
  8. All conspiracy theories are false.
  9. Celebrities are members of the Illuminati.
  10. Science can solve all the world mysteries.
  11. God created the world in six days.
  12. Christopher Colombus was the first person to discover America
  13. Jesus Christ was the founder of Christianity.
  14. Marijuana leads to mental illness.
  15. Biblical stories are historical.
  16. You must be successful for you to be happy.
  17. Prayer is purely psychological.
  18. Human beings were designed to be monogamous.
  19. We are the first advanced civilization on earth.
  20. All companies care about you.
  21. The primary mission of mainstream News is to inform you.
  22. Animal sacrifices are a primitive way or worship: hence, they have no spiritual importance.
  23. We evolved from apes.
  24. Human beings managed to land on the moon. (Check this documentary. It proves that the 1969 moon landing was fake).
  25. The brain creates consciousness.

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