Top 30 Insightful Truths You Must Know Right Now Part 5

Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

This article is a sequel to the Top 22 Insightful Truths You Must Know Right Now Part 4

  1. The only Truth is consciousness creates reality.
  2. Language affects how you perceive reality.
  3. You experience the external world from within
  4. Morality is relative and man-made
  5. Our leaders practice ethical pragmatism. To them, the end justifies the means.
  6. There is no formula for success.
  7. All creatures, including humans, are designed to thrive
  8. Luck has a great role in success
  9. Hard work is a critical determinant of success. However, it does not guarantee success.
  10. Memory is physical. Spirits do not need it. They exist in the past, present, and future simultaneously.
  11. Time is a man-made feature
  12. If you want to know the secret of successful people, focus less on their advice and more on their actions.
  13. All truths are half truths
  14. There is no right philosophy. All philosophies are founded on assumptions
  15. What happens after death can only be known by the dead
  16. What you deeply believe becomes your reality
  17. The biggest enemy preventing you from creating change is doubt
  18. Your philosophy is the most reliable philosophy.
  19. All philosophies are useful to some extent
  20. You are not your character. Character is an illusion. It changes with environment, genes, and mental health status.
  21. If prayer doesn’t work, everybody could have stopped praying
  22. Reality is subjective. You see what you are designed to see and hear what you are designed to hear.
  23. Embracing virtue leads to happiness.
  24. The best way to cultivate a virtue is to practice it and ask the Creator to help you build it.
  25. Your self-image determines your life experiences
  26. Being too nice will hurt you.
  27. Trying to earn respect from everyone will hurt you
  28. The bigger the price, the harder the battle.
  29. All beliefs are founded on assumptions
  30. You are stuck in life because you avoid taking risks

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