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Top Four Major Barriers to Spiritual Growth



Top Four Major Barriers to Spiritual Growth

Recently, I discovered that it’s difficult for most of us to grow spiritually. For this reason, I meditated on the factors that make it difficult for us to experience spiritual growth. It then dawned on me that we fail to grow spiritually because of the following barriers.

  • Focusing on Theory instead of Practice.

We focus too much on spiritual theory instead of spiritual practice. We read hundreds of books that demonstrate how to grow spiritually, but we seldom embrace the spiritual practices provided by the books. And when we embrace them, we do so for a short period.

We are unaware that although the knowledge we gain from books can help us experience spiritual growth, the growth is usually minimal.

Full spiritual growth only occurs when we combine spiritual knowledge with spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and fasting because these practices increase our chances of experiencing higher states of consciousness, which are necessary for spiritual growth.

  • We fear the Spiritual World

Although most of us want to grow spiritually, we fear performing some spiritual practices- such as midnight rituals – because, deep down, we know that they might raise our state of consciousness and enable us to perceive the spiritual world, which – as a result of watching many horror movies – we believe is populated with scary beings.

  • We are Always Worrying About Something.

Most of us cannot grow spiritually because we are in a constant state of worry. We worry about our incomes, appearance, children, family members, businesses, other people’s thoughts and opinions and so on. This state of mind prevents us from having a calm mind: hence, delaying spiritual growth. A calm mind is essential for spiritual growth because it enables us to hear our intuitive voice, which is the most reliable guide to spiritual growth.

  • Impatience

Some of us cannot experience spiritual growth because we are impatient. We expect to experience the benefits of spiritual growth after reading books and embracing spiritual practices for a short period, and we give up when we remain in the egoic state of mind despite our spiritual effort. We are unaware that it might take a long period to experience spiritual growth because just like anything worthwhile, spiritual growth requires a long-term commitment


Most of us stop pursuing spiritual growth after realizing that spiritual knowledge cannot lead to spiritual growth. We are unaware that spiritual growth, just like anything worthwhile, requires commitment and dedication.

To experience spiritual growth we must commit ourselves to spirituality by cultivating bravery and faith and embracing spiritual practices without expecting instant results.


You are free to add more barriers to spiritual growth in the comment box below.

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