The Hidden Intention of Horror Movies

The Hidden Intention of Horror Movies

Last Updated on June 24, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

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After watching horror movies and contemplating them for a long time, I realized that these films promote a negative perception of spiritual entities.

It then dawned on me that most of us are afraid of ghosts or spirits, not because we were designed to fear them, but because horror movies have shaped our perception of spiritual beings. They promote the belief that these entities are evil and scary.

This belief has discouraged us from embracing occult practices that can enable us to communicate with the spirits of the dead and ask them for help. We believe these spirits are scary and we fear that they might torment us.

In ancient Africa, people invoked spirits fearlessly. They summoned animal spirits, plant spirits, water spirits and the spirits of the dead. They worked with these entities because they had an uncorrupted perception of them.

By the way, when Christian missionaries asked African healers how they knew that some plants had medicinal properties, the healers told them that spirits helped them pinpoint these plants.

Anyway, the Illuminati didn’t want the modern society to possess the ability to communicate with spirits because they knew it would be impossible to control us if we did so. For this reason, they encouraged the production of horror movies that depicted spiritual entities as scary evil beings.

We then fell into the Illuminati’s trap because we loved horror movies, which eventually created a poor perception of spiritual beings.This perception has impeded my spiritual progress because I sometimes avoid spiritual practices, such as astral projection , because I fear seeing scary ghosts in the astral world. I also avoid meditating alone in silent isolated places at night due to the fear of ghosts.

I know that this fear comes from watching too many horror movies because I’m a great fan. Therefore, I stopped watching them to avoid planting the wrong idea about ghosts or spirits in my mind.

I now know that the Illuminati are using horror films to promote a poor perception of spiritual beings, which discourages us from communicating with these entities.  They don’t want us to work with spirits – as they do – because they fear that working with spirits will make us uncontrollable.

The Illuminati always want us to remain spiritually immature, and they’ll do anything to ensure we never grow spiritually because they know the dangers of spiritual growth to their system.

We must avoid horror movies and realize that there are good and loving spiritual beings that can help us on our spiritual journey.


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