We are Living in the Devil’s Illusion

We are Living in the Devil’s Illusion

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘So they build their world in great confusion. To force on us the devil’s illusion.’ – Bob Marley

Most of us don’t realize that we live in the devil’s illusion; a society designed by the elite.

In this illusion, material possessions are the most important thing. What people own determines their happiness. If an individual has a place to sleep, access to food, and people who love him, he’ll still be sad if he lacks popularized material possessions.

In the devil’s illusion, we are purely physical beings who appeared by chance in the physical realm. Anything that science cannot prove is superstitious or irrational. Magic, God, fairies, souls, spirits, do not exist because science cannot prove their existence.

The illusion is designed to ensure that people dwell in negative states of mind. It promotes logical thinking/left-brained thinking, making it difficult for people to believe in miracles and realize the existence of a Higher Power within. This form of thinking prevents people from realizing that they are infinite consciousness having a human experience.

The illusion promotes the idea of scarcity. Through the News, it shows us that there is not enough food, water, and money for everyone. It hides the fact we are surrounded with infinite abundance because we exist in the Creator’s mind, which is abundant. It doesn’t want us to know that we can bring any thing we want into physical reality –through visualization, action, focus, and faith – because everything exists in the Creator’s mind, which is within and around us.

The devil’s illusion encourages us to over-focus on our body image because its designers know that we will discover our psychic nature when we become less attached to our bodies. The illusion’s creators do not want us to realize our psychic nature because it will be difficult to control us if we do so.

According to the illusion, we have to work all day to survive. Work consumes so much of our time, and we are okay with that because we believe this is how life was designed. We don’t realize that ancient men worked for a short period and spent most of their time dancing, singing, storytelling, playing games, worshipping, and so on.

In this illusion, certain days of the week (weekends) are better than others. Thus, we look forward to these days and fail to experience other days fully, resulting in the failure to pinpoint opportunities they present to us.

Additionally, the devil’s illusion designed us to focus on the past and the future.  It distracts us from the eternal now, which is full of infinite possibilities. The illusion’s designers know that focusing on the future and past creates a constant state of anxiety and frustration. They are happy when we dwell in such states because they prevent us from knowing who we really are.

To conclude, the devil’s illusion is designed to prevent us from knowing how amazing it is to be alive. Its designers want to keep us in a constant state of unhappiness. Mainly, they don’t want us to discover who we really are: magnificent beings created by a higher power to realize our full potential in a physical dimension.


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  1. Human tragedy that a lot people have accepted to be the normal. Reworking our MINDS to begin THINKING from a perspective beyond just SURVIVAL has become so STRANGE that people believe you are not facing “REALITY.” if you do OTHERWISE. People have come to believe life can only be BRUTISH to be life. Your articles are short and profoundly enlightening. Hope many people will embrace the mind reengineering you are subtly turning people’s minds to. Many thanks. You are person of depth and needed WISDOM.