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What If The History You Know is 100% Inaccurate

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After studying several perspectives on the world’s history, I realized that the history most of us know might be 100% inaccurate.

Most of us believe humans evolved from the now extinct Homo erectus, and consequently, we hold the belief that early humans were less intelligent than us.

We also believe the Dark-Ages existed because we have watched movies such as Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom that shape our idea of history. Besides, we think great conquerors such as Alexander the Great, Cyrus The Great, and Julius Caesar existed.

What if such historical information was designed by people who want to control our idea of reality and humanity. We don’t have any proof that it is correct. We cannot prove whether the aforementioned conquerors and historical periods such as the Dark Ages existed.

After realizing that the history we know might be false, many people have come up with their own versions of history. The most widespread unconventional historical theory is the idea that ancient deities known as the Anunnaki genetically manipulated humanity.

This theory claims that ancient humans were primitive and the Anunnaki altered their genes to create a more advanced and intelligent species. In other words, the theory claims that we, modern humans, are a result of genetic engineering conducted by the Annunaki.

Adherents of the Anunnaki theory point to ancient Sumerian texts as sources that allegedly contain references to genetic manipulation by the Anunnaki. Although such sources seem credible, we do not have proof of their existence. If they indeed exist, we are not sure whether the interpreters accurately interpreted them.

Adherents of the Anunnaki theory attribute ancient sophisticated megastructures and rock-cut architecture to the Anunnaki. They also believe the advanced mathematical and astronomical knowledge possessed by the ancients was passed from the Anunnaki.

Conversely, some theorists argue that the ancient sophisticated megastructures were built by humans who inherently possessed advanced knowledge. They argue that ancient humans were highly intelligent because they were more attuned to the spiritual realm. Their high intelligence levels enabled them to build intricate structures such as the Pyramids.

 These theorists claim that the highly spiritual nature of ancient humans enabled them to possess magical abilities, such as teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy. Magic then disappeared after leaders in all ancient societies banned it and ensured that only individuals from powerful families practiced it. The banning mainly occurred because ancient leaders realized that it was difficult to control people who practiced magic.

Anyway, there are many historical theories besides the aforementioned theories. For instance, some Muslim historians claim that the jinn, described as intelligent spirits capable of assuming human or animal form, existed on earth before God created human beings.

Other historians believe highly advanced civilizations that possessed advanced technology existed and were destroyed by cataclysmic events. Some Asian historians claim that nuclear wars were fought in Ancient Asia, which resulted in the destruction of advanced civilizations.

If there are several historical theories, what then is the true history? Is mainstream history accurate, or is it entirely inaccurate? Is the history of the Annunaki the true history?

It is challenging to ascertain our true history. What we surely know is that there is a high likelihood that the history we are familiar with might not be entirely accurate.

Another aspect we should acknowledge is that ancient civilizations possessed advanced technological knowledge, as evidenced by the many ancient megastructures. The precision with which they manipulated, carved, and positioned massive stones continues to captivate scientists and historians, leaving them in awe.

Anyway, realize that your idea about history shapes your belief about your true power and the nature of reality. For this reason, if you have an inaccurate idea of history, you’ll never fully understand the true power of humanity and your ability to manipulate reality.

Never believe anything without proving its validity. Most historical information is inaccurate because it was designed by people who do not have our best interests at heart.

“History is written by the victors. They do not write true history; they write the history the way they want you to see it. Hitler rewrote history, as did the Romans, Greeks, Americans, British, and French, therefore justifying their actions to win public favor”- Stewart Swerdlow, True World History: Humanity’s Saga

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