Who I'm I

Who I’m I – Poem

Last Updated on December 31, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

Who I’m I?

I am a multidimensional being.

My feelings and emotions create my reality

What gives me life exists in everything,

Who I’m I?

I have a subconscious mind,

a mind that creates reality,

Yet its ability to do so is limited to my thoughts, feelings, and emotions,

Who I’m I?

I am an animal

But my reasoning makes me a unique animal,

I can build machines,

I can tame other animals,

I Know God.

A Power that dwells within me,

And created an abundant world,

And placed me in it,

Who I’m I?

I’m an animal that creates music,

I have pleasurable sex,

I study,

I learn,

And, like other animals,

nature cares for me,

It gives me food,

It gives me air,

It gives me water,

Nature gives me life,

It gives me everything,

Yet It doesn’t charge me

but when I’m weak and can’t enjoy life,

nature kills me

Yet nature amuses me,

Who I’m I?

My thoughts affect the brain,

My feelings can harm and heal the body,

Despite the body’s intelligence,

It goes wherever I go,

It’s under my command,

Who I’m I?

I’m a star,

that came from the heavens,

to shine its LIGHT on earth.

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