You Are Not God’s Servant, You are the Master

You Are Not God’s Servant, You are the Master

Last Updated on September 6, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Modern religion spreads the belief that you are a servant of this higher power primarily referred to as God. This belief has been popularized by two ‘holy’ books: the Bible and Quran. Because of this belief, you think you have to please God. You believe you have to embrace righteousness, generosity, and sing to God to please ‘him’. You also think God is watching your actions and is ready to punish you when you sin.

This belief that you are God’s servant might have also forced you to pray or visit the church/temple/mosque thinking that God needs your prayers and requires your devotion. This belief is wrong. From time immemorial, leaders across various societies have instilled it in their subjects to prevent them from realizing their true power. The leaders have known that this belief makes their subjects think they are powerless beings created to serve a higher power that determines their fate.

Wake up: Realize that you are not God’s servant. How can you be God’s servant if you are one with the God-force? Its consciousness is your consciousness. Its mind is your mind. Its life force is also yours. Why should you serve it? Why should you praise it or try to please something that is one with you?

You might wonder why your life seldom changes despite trying your best to please God. You help the sick and poor, conserve the environment, and help animals, believing that God will bless you because such actions please ‘him’ and make ‘him’ happy. However, to your surprise, nothing changes.

Nothing changes because there is no higher separate force that perceives you as its servant. You are this force. Your legs, hand, mouth, spirit, and mind, are made of this force. Trying to please it is wasting your precious time and energy.

You are the master. You can use the God-force to do whatever you want because its power is your power. Focus on the negative, and this force will attract negative events into your life. Embrace jealousy, and it will create circumstances that make you more jealous. Focus on positive thoughts and it will attract positive events in your life. Create a goal and work towards it, and it will create circumstances that help you.

You will be more peaceful and empowered when you stop believing that you are God’s servant. You’ll realize that your actions and thoughts – and not God – are the primary determinants of your life’s direction. You’ll stop worrying about God’s decision regarding your future and what you must do to please him. You’ll stop worrying whether God will curse you for embracing certain actions.

You’ll realize that the need to become moral and embrace virtue is instinctive and your duty as a human being. When you go astray, you won’t worry about God’s punishment and beg ‘him’ to forgive you and place you on the right path because you’ll realize that you have the power and responsibility to change because you are the master.

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