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22 Amazing Facts You Must Know About the Illuminati



21 Amazing Facts You Must Know About the Illuminati

For years, I have studied and meditated on the Illuminati –the most powerful secret society -and I discovered these facts about it.

  1. The Illuminati was founded on 1st May 1776, in Germany, by Adam Weshaupt.
  2. In the 18th century, the Illuminati only recruited young educated men from wealthy families.
  3. The name Illuminati means the enlightened ones.
  4. The main aim of the members of the Illuminati is to become the master of their mind.
  5. The Illuminati attracts members by promising them sacred hidden knowledge.
  6. The Illuminati was banned in 1785 but it continued existing under different forms and names.
  7. The Illuminati loves controlling our lives and owning the world.
  8. The Illuminati wants one government to rule the world.
  9. The members of the Illuminati don’t believe in good and bad.
  10. The Illuminati uses music and movies to shape our thinking.
  11. The members of the Illuminati offer sacrifices to spiritual beings.
  12. The Illuminati originated from ancient secret societies such as the Knight Templers and Rosicrucians.
  13. The Illuminati wants us to focus on material possessions so that we never discover our true spiritual power.
  14. The members of the Illuminati are human beings.
  15. The Illuminati orchestrated World War 1 & 2.
  16. No celebrity is a member of the Illuminati.
  17. The Illuminati is hiding our true history because it does not want us to know our true power.
  18. The Illuminati easily controls us because we dwell in egoic consciousness. It could be impossible for this secret society to control us if we dwelled in higher states of consciousness.
  19. The members of the Illuminati are very wealthy.
  20. The Illuminati murders members who expose its secrets and intentions.
  21. One major rule of the Illuminati is that members should support each other in everything that they do.
  22.  The Illuminati’s members use symbols to communicate with each other.

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