reasons we avoid dreaming big

4 Major Reasons Why We Avoid Dreaming Big

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Great achievers usually advise us that dreaming big is the first step to greatness. This advice is true because if you study the lives of great people, you’ll realize that most of them dreamt big.

For instance, Lupita Nyong’o, Dolly Parton, Lil-Wayne, and Anorld Schwarzenegger dreamt of being famous and having a great impact on the world. Their dreams made them work hard and achieve greatness.

We must thus dream big if we want to achieve greatness, and we must also know that the universe always provides to us according to our demands. If we dream small we will achieve small things, but if we dream big, we will achieve big things.

There is a saying that compares small dreamers to people who go to fetch water from the ocean with a spoon and big dreamers to those who go with a bucket. The Universe is an ocean with endless possibilities, and so it’s absurd for us to have small dreams.

Despite knowing that dreaming big attracts greatness, we still avoid dreaming big because of the following reasons.

1.Failure to Achieve the Dreams/Goals We Set in the Past

When we were kids we set big goals and dreams, but we failed to achieve most of them. For instance, some of us dreamed of living lavish when we reach a certain age, but this dream didn’t come true.

Therefore, we stopped dreaming big because we think that just like our previous dreams, we might fail to achieve today’s dreams.


You failed to achieve the goals you set in the past because you lacked hard work, persistence, perseverance, determination, and faith.

2.We Believe Great Achievers are Extraordinary People

Most of us avoid dreaming big because we believe great achievements are reserved for extraordinary individuals. We believe these individuals are either geniuses or highly talented, and we trust that we cannot achieve big things because we are ordinary.


Great achievers were ordinary people. Thomas Edison had a poor memory despite the numerous inventions he made. His memory was so poor that he sometimes forgot his name.

3.We Don’t See How We Will Achieve Our Dreams

Another reason we don’t dream big is that we don’t see how we will achieve our dreams. We think it’s impossible to close the gap between our present and desired circumstances.


Don’t worry about the ‘HOW’. Instead create a strong ‘WHY’ because if the ‘WHY’ is powerful, the ‘HOW’ will be easy.

Besides, ignore the gap between your dreams and your present circumstances. Take a leap of faith, lose yourself in your dream, and let the universe/God/life do the rest.

Apollo planted, I watered, but God made the plant to Grow – Saint Paul.

4.Dreaming Big Appears to Be Unrealistic

If you tell people that one day you’ll meet Barrack Obama, they’ll laugh at you because they’ll think you are crazy and unrealistic. They’ll tell you to set realistic goals.

Many people prefer setting small, realistic goals because they believe it’s unrealistic to set big goals/dreams. They ensure that their goals align with reality, not knowing that reality is an illusion, and they are unaware that the universe is too unrealistic for us to be realistic.


The seemingly impossible can become a reality. It was unrealistic to fly a plane or invent the phone but the Wright Brothers and Antonio Meucci did it.

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