The Amazing Benefits of Semen Retention/Nofap

5 Amazing Benefits of Semen Retention/NoFap

Last Updated on March 3, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Semen retention/NoFap is a controversial topic. Some people report experiencing several benefits of semen retention while others think the benefits are bogus because they are not supported by scientific evidence.

Those who criticize semen retention do not realize that we do not need scientific evidence to support everything’s effectiveness. For instance, practices such as magic, prayer, and astral projection do not require scientific support despite having immense spiritual benefits. The criticizers are unaware that science cannot definitively prove things as it only offers the most widely accepted explanation.

Anyway, I wanted to know first-hand whether the benefits of semen retention are true; therefore, I retained for more than a year. To my surprise, I experienced several benefits of semen retention, including those that bloggers have never mentioned. My experience with semen retention made me realize that the benefits of semen retention are not a placebo effect.

Here are some of the benefits of semen retention/NoFap I experienced.

  • I Felt Very Energetic

I felt a sense of restlessness and I was always eager to do something productive. I always wanted to work on my blog and lift weights, and I never felt drained after a busy day or sleeping for a few hours.

  • I Got Harder Erections.

Getting harder erections was one of the best benefits of semen retention/NoFap. I had harder erections when I woke up or thought about sex. I then realized that frequent masturbation is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction and semen retention could be the most reliable cure for weak erections.

  • I Really Enjoyed Little Things

Watching the sun rise and set, watching birds fly, and walking in nature became beautiful and peaceful experiences that helped me step away from my day-to-day worries. I realized that what many people call little things are big things because they evoke awe, when not taken for granted, by reminding us of the beauty and wonder that surrounds us.  

By the way, this feeling of enjoying little things only lasted for 30 days. I don’t know why it disappeared.

  • An Increased Awareness that I am a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body

While retaining, I found myself constantly perceiving the body as a piece of meat that does not rot because my spirit makes it fresh, and I viewed sexual obsession as an illusion that arises in people obsessed with the flesh. I became conscious of the fact that I am a spiritual being that uses the body to experience physical life on earth, and I believed I would acquire the supernatural abilities of Shamans and God-men, such as Jesus if I focused less on my body and more on my spirit-self.

This was one of the greatest benefits of semen retention I experienced because it was among the factors that led to my first out-of-body experience. Most importantly, it reduced my obsession with my body, resulting in a greater connection to my spiritual essence and a heightened sense of inner peace.

  • I Quickly Got The Answers To The Questions I Pondered

I reduced the number of books I read after discovering that I could find answers to tough spiritual questions I pondered. By merely posing these questions to myself, I quickly arrived at answers, which I then verified their validity through online research.


These are not the only benefits of semen retention/NoFap I experienced. I will share more benefits in future posts.

Anyway, my experience with semen retention made me realize that the reported benefits of semen retention are real. I agree that some of them might be exaggerated, but I believe most of them are real. I also realized that many benefits of semen retention are not a placebo effect because I experienced some benefits I’ve never heard of or read about.

Semen retention yields numerous benefits. Experience it firsthand rather than simply agreeing with those who criticize it without ever having practiced it themselves. I sometimes think that these people are paid by those who want to control you to encourage you to waste your seed and become spiritually, physically, and mentally weaker. Ignore the critics and avoid unnecessary ejaculation and you’ll experience several benefits of semen retention/NoFap you’ve never heard of.


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