5 Harsh Truths I Have Learned About Life At Age 26

5 Harsh Truths I Have Learned About Life At Age 26

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

At age 26, I’ve learned many harsh truths I wish my younger-self knew.

I must share with you 5 of these truths.

1.Things Do Not Always Go According to Plan

If you are in your 20s I believe you’ve already realized that life does not always go according to plan.

Nevertheless, you must not stop planning because of this. Instead, keep planning and trust life when things don’t go as planned.

2.You Don’t Need to Date in Your Early 20s

I sometimes regret focusing too much on romantic relationships in my early 20s because I gained nothing from them. I wish I focused on my dreams instead of wasting my precious time on stupid relationships.

These relationships mostly lead to emotional pain, and sometimes you might invest so much in a person you won’t marry. For this reason, I believe you’ll progress faster if you invest your energy, time, and financial resources in your dream rather than a relationship.

3.Seasons Change

Nothing is constant. Things are always changing. You might be financially stable today, but end up broke at the end of the year. You might be broke today but end up with more than enough money tomorrow.

The biggest mistake we make is believing that our present conditions will last forever. For instance, when faced with hardships, we might succumb to depression because we think the hardships will last forever. We forget that nothing is permanent.

You’ll attain inner peace if you realize that things are always changing because, during the good times you won’t worry about things changing, and when the bad times come, you’ll know that good days are coming.

‘The seasons change and the summer will become winter. There are days when crops are greatly harvested and days when the seasons are too rough to plant.’ – EmpowerThyself

4.Most of Your Friends are Fake

Three years after completing my high school education, I realized that most of my friends were fake. Many people, including those I believed were true friends stopped associating with me because I was broke. I tried to bond with them but my efforts were futile.

I also realized that some of my friends felt bad when they believed I was making progress, and felt good when I was in difficult situations.

For these reasons, I reduced my social circle.

5.Follow Your Dreams as Soon as Possible if You Want to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Earlier this year, I almost gave up on my dreams after it dawned on me that many people who live their wildest dreams started chasing them at an early age.

I thought it was too late for me because I started chasing my dreams at age 25. However, I now have faith because I have identified successful people who managed to live their dreams despite chasing them later in life.

It’s never too late to follow your dreams, but it’s hard to follow them when you have bills to pay and children to take care of. People who follow their dreams at an early age have high chances of living their dream life because they don’t have responsibilities.

The earlier the better. If you want to live your dream life, start following your dreams now because the older you get, the tougher it becomes to follow your dreams.


I believe these truths are insightful nuggets of wisdom. I have shared more insightful truths in other posts. Read them and you will be wiser. This, I promise you.


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  1. I’m not so sure that your truths are that universal. But, that is the main truth you need to learn- what works for you- works for you. It may not work for another, but that’s perfectly ok, since you ARE unique.

  2. I like your truths, especially about things not going according to plan and seasons changing. Seasons do change and people change and it’s all a good thing. Also, things not going according to plan means that there could be something better waiting out there, that you never planned because you didn’t know about it. That is certainly true for me. I became a master gardener! It was not part of my plans at all. It just happened and I am happy for it. The one thing that I don’t really agree with is about fake friends. I have been fortunate enough to make some real, true, and lifelong friends. I’ve met up with fake friends, too, but I really don’t think that they are in the majority (at least, I hope not.)

    • I knew many people will disagree with the point, ‘most of your friends are fake.’ by the way I have truest friends too, but they are not as many as the fake friends.
      This point came from the fact that many friends disappeared when i became broke 8 years ago. Also, some felt bad when they realized that I was going my own way.
      My dad also experienced the same thing when he retired. He had many friends when he used to work. However, he was left with few friends after he retired.

  3. “Most of your friends are fake.”

    It is all about how we see the world, if we look at the true we will find the truth, if we look at the false we will find the false. It’s all inside us. Make fewer friends on social networks, and say no more the word ‘no’. Only when we are in control of our life do we become safer to find what is true and lasting.

    • True, Mr.Alan, I agree its all about how we see the world.
      However, a fake person is fake regardless of your perception towards him.
      My definition of a fake friend is an unsupportive, and jealous friend. a friend who backbites you, and is with you just because of your social or financial position.