5 Proven Factors That Make Hard Work Useless

Last Updated on March 20, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

I’m a firm supporter of hard work, and I believe success is impossible without hard work. However, I believe some factors can make hard work useless. These factors might make you fail even after working so hard.

Here are they:

1.Playing Safe

Hard work and playing safe equals frustration and lack of progress. Hard work only works if you take risks because risks expose you to opportunities.

‘Travelling on a risk-free road, unfortunately, won’t get you to any important destination.’ – Ernie Zelinski

2.The Lack of Uniqueness

Today, most careers are competitive: therefore, to be noticed, you must offer something unique. You have to be remarkable and different because no matter how hard you work, you might fail if whatever you offer is common.

3.Poor Social Skills

Your hard work might be useless if you lack the right connections. Poor social skills prevent you from having the right connections because they push people away. Besides, they prevent you from effectively networking: hence, reducing your chances of success.

4.Poor Health

No matter how hard you work, you won’t succeed if you neglect your health. Poor health weakens your immune system and makes you vulnerable to diseases that might force you to take long breaks from your work, preventing you from being consistent.

5.A Poor Team

If you are working on something with two or more people, your hard work will be useless if your partners are lazy, unfocused, risk-averse, and egocentric.  They will always drag you ten steps behind every time you make a huge step forward. Furthermore, you’ll waste lots of energy and time trying to make them reliable.

All people who succeeded after working with a team worked with determined and focused team members. For this reason, you have low chances of succeeding if you are working with poor team members.


Working hard and still failing is depressing. Therefore, we must pinpoint the factors that can lead to failure regardless of our hard work and deal with them. You are free to add more of these factors in the comment box below.

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